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Nov 15, 2008

Here are the ten most popular ways to destroy your own spiritual life!

With the coming and going of Samhain, we have the end of one year and the beginning of another year.  And this is a most appropriate time to reflect for a bit on some of the most basic of basics.

Everyone from the Pope and the Dahlai Lama down to frizzy-haired church gossips will offer advice on how to have a quality spiritual life.  Some of the advice might be excellent.  But, there is so much of "how-to".

Some folks take another approach and speak of "how not to".  They show the more common shortcomings of some efforts in hopes that we'll avoid repeating the mistakes of others.

Here' I've taken a third approach.  Every day, there are people whose spiritual life just sort of whimpers.  One day, someone wakes up and suddenly discovers that their spiritual life is not only gone, it has been gone for a long time.  So, I've decided to show how to make your spiritual life do an outright crash-and-burn!

Now, of course, it is not my intent to encourage you to be spectatular failures.  Rather, it is my hope that in this list of the most popular ways to colossal spiritual failure, you'll find some clues as to how to be a major success.

As is often the case in many fields, the difference between success and failure is the grasping of a basic principle.  Take marketing as an example.  One store prospers over the long run, while another store does very well initially but then just sort of dies and goes out of business.  There's a principle that says that once you've got the customer to come to your store, you need to give that customer reason to come again.  And so one store flourishes over time while another store seems to be doing very well and then suddenly begins to wither away.  It's the same thing with your spiritual life.

And perhaps there might be some clues here as to how to make your spiritual life sizzle!

Blessed Be!

almost fourteen years ago

I enjoyed this podcast. I have been seeking and I believe I have found my path. This journey is going to be wild and fun but hard at times. Thank you for your words of wisdom.