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Oct 6, 2007

Revenge.  That is a subject that needs to be addressed from time to time.  We live in this world, and we are human.  Anyone who has never felt the desire for revenge about something must have led an extremely sheltered life.  And that, too, might be an issue to be dealt with.

The trouble is, so often the desire for revenge results in some really stupid deeds that cause trouble and/or cause your adversary to want their own revenge in turn.  So, what to do?

We can learn from anyone, so long as we look at the lesson being taught and what is within the message being shown to us.  It might not be what the speaker actually wants us to learn, but nevertheless we can learn.

In this case, I found two sayings which I once considered to be Pollyanna-style advice to do nothing except be trampled upon.  But within them, there is something else - and it is something that we can use.  And there is the secret!

Never lose sight of the fact that what we think and say we want or need might not be what we really want or need.  Look within for the answer, and see what the answer is. 

And we can look at a few examples of how satisfaction was obtained without getting into too much trouble.

Are you wondering what I am driving at?  Download the show and enjoy it!