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Oct 2, 2010

I've spoken many times on how some of the greatest saints and mystics were basically simple people, and that the reason for that was the fact that for too many of us, it's too easy to let the intellect get in the way of the spiritual.  While it might be important to know when to use your head instead of your heart, it is also necessary to know when to use your heart instead of your head!

But did you know that there is another barrier, a greater one?  

I'm going to share with you just the smallest bit of what Israel Regardie wrote about the problem, and then let's explore it.  Almost all of us have known someone suffering from it, and many of us might have shown symptoms of it.  The funny thing is, a number of people might not even think that there's anything wrong!

And it leads to a question which is risky.  It is risky because of the number of times that the problem has been a popular "fad diagnosis" and has caused some people to take unnecessary action.

But it is also a question worth asking.  After all, how many people are so busy bing who they think that they are supposed to be that they have no idea who they are?

The answer is found in a two-word statement batted about in almost every theological writing available.

And mastering it will transform a major barrier into a major opportunity.

Blessed Be!