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Oct 24, 2015

This is the perfect time to discuss Samhain, because it is precisely a week away from when this publishes!  Samhain is a time of opposites working together.  It is also a great time for combining a fun celebration with some really great spiritual experiences.

There are some wonderful family, friends and others whom I miss greatly.  With the veil between the worlds being at its thinnest, this is the time for communication.  In the same manner as some might consider the invitation list to a celebration such as the Thanksgiving as practiced in the US, I try to make sure of the list of those I want to call on at Samhain.  And, we cannot forget the more mundane part of the celebration.

Samhain is also a great time to have some fun.  And we cannot lose sight of the need for some occasional fun.

Blessed Be!