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Oct 9, 2010

I am sure that the current genreation which is listening to the "leading edge" of popular music is taking a great deal of heat from their elders.  I know not only because some see me as one of those elders, but I recall receiving a hard time from my elders about my choice of music.  And then I read about the same round-and-round over popular music in my parents' generation, proven by an article in a popular music magazine which was published when my own mother was fifteen!

Admittedly, some music is made to offend, and some does have hidden meanings, and some is simply chosen by the paranoids and the "self-appointed defenders of virtue" as examples of some sort of conspiracy.  I recall, for example, one TV preacher who tried proving his point  by playing records (yes, 33-1/3 rpm stereo platters) slow and backwards.

But given that most music, including and perhaps especially popular music can be seen as both art and literature, there is much that might be said about it.  And that includes some powerful spiritual matters.

And I'll show you in terms of three which were popular when my generation was settling down to homes and families.

And from there, you might decide to see what you might find in the popular music which especially appeals to you!


Blessed Be!