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Oct 10, 2009

This is an episode that someone does not want you to hear!  No kidding!

Personal responsibility is something which some people just don't like.  For them, personal responsibility means that they can't blame as much of what goes wrong on other people, other things, or even The Divine!  Most of us
know someone who points to a traumatic event in their past and blames the sad state of their life on that.  A few of us have even heard someone claim that a shortcoming was because of something in their ancestry, their culture, or the way life was like at sometime before their own birth.  And, most of us can think of the time we heard someone talking about something which happened being "God's will."

Have you ever noticed that such responsibility-shifting is so often accompanied by logic that does not survive close examination?

And here I will freely admit that you will never have control over everything that happens in your life.  But, it might be surprising (to some) how much you can control of what follows in such an event.

And here we harness a basic principle:  with responsibility comes authority.  And so, taking personal responsibility means that you take on personal authority. 

And with that authority will come even more!

Blessed Be!