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Oct 11, 2008

Samhain is coming soon, and according to many (including me) that is spiritually the most powerful time of the year. 

Hence, this set of "Confronting ...." episodes.  So that you might have an appreciation of the tools and resources you already have.  You might be stronger than you know.  Unfortunately, there are some folks who think that they are weak only because they have been told that they are weak.  And so, some of the strongest people can behave like weaklings.  This can be unfortunate if the person has to deal with someone who is a genuine weakling but has convinced himself/herself that he/she is actually strong. 

And so, we come to confronting The Divine.  It can be done.  In fact, it is very likely that there are times that The Divine wishes to be confronted. 

Some people get told a long list of what you aren't supposed to ask for.  Add to this the things that some say that The Divine cannot do.  And then there's that infamous excuse generally referred to as "God's will." 

Do you know what The Divine's will really is regarding you, me and each and every one of us?

And, so we can go beyond the walls of what may have once been our spiritual prisons and see what lies beyond.  But to do that, we need to know that we can confront The Divine - provided we do it the right way.

Blessed Be!