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Oct 25, 2008

If it hasn't been obvious (and it probably has been blatantly obvious), everything that I've been talking about for the past few weeks has been a lead-up to Samhain.  And the next episode will be the Samhain episode, released on Samhain.  And so, this episode concerns with specifically getting ready for Samhain. 

I consider Samhain to be the most spiritually powerful of the eight Sabbat we celebrate in the cycle of the year.  It is so powerful that other paths have similar celebrations around this time, too. 

The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.  This is the time when you have the best chances of reaching through the veil to someone who has crossed over and you miss.  It is also the best chance for someone on the other side of the veil who misses you to reach out.  It is also a time for resolutions.  It is a time for beginnings, and it is a time for endings.  Then again, every beginning is an ending and every ending is a beginning, isn't it? 

It is also a good time to share your visions with the Divine, by whatever name or names you address the Divine.  We can begin with the most basic question: What is it that you want to accomplish between now and the next Samhain?  And five years hence?  And ten years hence? 

OK, so if they're listening, it would be a good idea to ask in such a way that you might get what you want - and recognize it when you have it.

And so, let's look into that.  It's a good question anytime, but especially now.

Blessed Be!