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Oct 4, 2008

Last week I spoke about confronting tradition, and this week I'm speaking about confronting your priesthood.  It sounds like a spiritual path can involve a lot of confrontations.  And yes, it can.  Especially if it's successful enough to worry some folks.

We're talking about your own priesthood.  And yes, you are your own priest or priestess.  This doesn't have anything to do with ordination, which primarily concerns taking the authority to act in public in the name of a body.  Your own priesthood concerns your own your own ability and authority to deal with The Divine directly on your own behalf.

There are those who are very uncomfortable with the idea of you having your own priesthood for yourself.  They are the same people who want your spiritual path to fit their agenda.  That's why it can take some courage to claim it and use it.  And you'll need to guard it jealously.

Here's some ideas of where to look and what is built first.  And there's so much more.

Blessed Be!