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Sep 15, 2007

I had something else to say, but then the news came and it was sad.  Someone passed over, and it seemed as if few noticed.  Upsetting, actually.

You'll see and understand what I mean when you listen.  If he held an equivalent position here in the US, things might have been different.  But he did not. 

I've said it before: When I was an Episcopalian, I was a traditionalist.  So much so that it got me into trouble.  I am still a traditionalist.  Different traditions, but I honor my traditions.

What is a traditionalist?  I can't give you a definition, but I can tell you what a traditionalist is not.  A traditionalist is not someone behind a pulpit screaming that his way is the only way.  A traditionalist is also not a government functionary whose definition of tradition is what most folks call blind, unquestioning obedience.  And it is easy and downright comfortable to be a traditionalist when one is part of the power structure.  But what if the power structure puts you on the outside looking in?

And so, I want to honor someone who spent half a century honoring his traditions.  His way might have been different from mine, but he had his traditions and he honored them.  And so, I wish to honor him.