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Sep 22, 2007

Every week, you've heard me introduce myself as "High Priest of The Temple of Gaia, and a Priest of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship".  So, some of you might ask: what is "Gnostic" about?  Some of you may know, and some of you may wonder.

There are some who might wonder how I can be both a Wiccan and a Gnostic.  After all, most people say that you can't be both a Catholic and a Baptist.  But, you can be a Gnostic and any number of other things.

I've even come across some folks who confuse Gnostic with agnostic - even though they are opposite.  An agnostic claims to not know if there is any sort of deity.  A Gnostic knows - in a very special way.

First off, there is the word "gnosis", which is one of two Greek words which can mean "to know", and the difference is very major.    Understanding the distinction is critical to understanding Gnosticism.

Then, there is what gnosis is and how it works.  And there you'll see why many religious leaders who want to have their followers "march in step" are uncomfortable with Gnosticism.

This is a very brief introduction.  Gnosticism isn't for everyone, but many have found comfort and strength in it. 

Know what?  Some people are Gnostics without knowing it.  Sort of like how I say that some people are Wiccan without knowing it.  Give a listen, check a mirror, and see what you see.