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Sep 28, 2007

Eleven lines, that's all there is to The Emerald Tablet.  But what an eleven lines!

Then again, Wiccans know "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt" and how much debate and exploration that has inspired.

For this episode, many thanks to the Universal Gnostic Fellowship and their Presiding Archbishop, Dr John Gilbert.  We're looking at the translation found on their web site and I'll touch on some of the commentary that they include. 

But that is certainly not the only translation of The Emerald Tablet, or the only commentary.  Those who have translated and/or commented on it include Trithemius, Roger Bacon, Aleister Crowley, Albertus Magnus, Isaac Newton, and many others.  

There is a basic truth contained within The Emerald Tablet - and perhaps several basic truths, depending on how you count them.  And within it is a major secret, perhaps one which might be called an "ultimate secret."

Eleven lines is a quick read.  A few times through and you'll be able to recite it comfortably.  It won't take an excessive effort to memorize it.  But what will it take to master it? 

A few minutes of your time to read.  A lifetime to grasp, comprehend and discover.  Such is The Emerald Tablet.  And such are the secrets we find in plain sight.