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Sep 3, 2011

After all that happened in the past week, this seemed to be an especially appropriate topic.  Here in the eastern part of the United States, we were hit by Hurricane Irene.  It was not a fun time for me or for very many people here.  "Lake Collingdale" reappeared - that's what I call the street in front of my house when the sewers can't handle the water.  The power went out.  The basement flooded and there was no power for the pump that normally keeps the basement dry.  I could go on, but I don't think it's necessary.  You get the picture, perhaps by having your own picture.  And there are many who would find it difficuly in such circumstances to find anything to give thanks for.

But the rain slowed down.  And "Lake Collingdale" went back to being just another street.  And I became friends with a neighbor I had seldom seen.  That's a beginning.  And I found more from there.

How does this come to be?  It's within you!  And one of the biggest clues is found in so many of the ancient tales that it's just about universal!

I said that it's within you, and I mean just that.  And it's yours and nobody else's.  And there's one major "secret" to it that I'll reveal to you.

And you can see just how much you can build from this!

Blessed Be!