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Sep 12, 2009

Of all of my experiences as a cadet, none made quite as much of an impression as a training session in the subject of combat first aid.  The centerpiece of the training was an Army training film which summed up the initial first few steps into three basic steps.  And it was done with a form of expression which etched the three steps indelibly in my memory.

That was for physical first aid, and it was designed for a combat situation.  The principles of spiritual first aid are similar.  Of course, their is one difference.  In combat first aid, most people who are wounded know that they are wounded.  In combat first aid, it is likely that you will know who and what caused the wound.  Where spiritual first aid is concerned, it can sometimes take a while for someone to realize that they have indeed been wounded. 

But just like in combat first aid, the initial response once the wound is known can make all of the difference in the world!

Blessed Be!