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Sep 13, 2008

This is another one of those difficult topics, and for the usual reasons, just like charity is such a difficult topic.  Neither topic is actually difficult, except for the fact that people made them that way.

If a spiritual path actually works, then there can be miracles.  And I think we can agree that the one thing expected of any spiritual path is that its followers expect it to work.

Miracles can be a major source of contentment or contention, and therein lies so much of the problem.  I'll speak more on this in the podcast, especially the contention.  It might be one of the reasons why so many have turned their backs on religion. 

But how do you recognize a miracle?  If you were looking at a miracle right now, would you recognize it?

And if you want a miracle, would you know how to go about it?  And perhaps especially, would you know what to avoid?

Some have forgotten, some have re-discovered, and some knew but were told that they were wrong.  Sound familiar?

I think it might be good to see just how much we can do.

Blessed Be!