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Sep 5, 2009

I recently watched a re-run of an episode of Bishop Fulton Sheen's show "Life Is Worth Living" from the 1960's.  In this particular episode, he spoke about "rivets", which in this case is a term he used to describe the "anchor point" or focus (or foci?) of an endeavor.  I realized how right-on he was, and how his talk gave emphasis to some of the concerns I've expressed over the last few years.

It has to do with tradition.  You've heard me say that if you have a tradition, follow it.  If you feel the need to go a different way, then please do so, but don't disturb the people who continue to follow the tradition you're leaving.

Done the right way, it can be of benefit for both sides.  In fact, that's part of why we have such customs as "hiving off."  And there are many similar examples throughout history. 

Done the wrong way, it can be damaging.  In fact, it can bring down the whole thing.  That's why we hive off rather than letting those with a new way take over.  And done right, both can be strong.

And might it just be that if your path and mine are not the same, perhaps it might be because the world needs both of them?  See what you think!

Blessed Be!