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Most of us have had the need at some time to turn up the volume of a television, radio or stereo player to be able to hear what was being offered in spite of the distracting noises and talking around you.  Some of those distractions might not be within your control.  And, you are not trying to drown out those other sounds, so much as you are trying to focus and concentrate on what you do indeed wish to hear!  Similar can and does happen in prayer and meditation.

So, how do you focus on something spiritual with the mundane world all around you?  By focusing on something that resonates and allows the spiritual to respond!  By using whatever combination you need of visual, sound, aroma and whatever else needed to let that happen.

The trick, as usual, is finding what works for you, individually!

Blessed Be!

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Once you have a grasp of what prayer is, does and can do for you, the next logical step in the growth of your spiritual life probably is meditation.  Please understand that you don't have to wait until you've mastered prayer, because very few mortals have ever actually mastered prayer, even if a few might claim to do so.  

The number of methods, books and tools available for learning meditation is too great for me to list them here.  I don't have the time, and you don't have the disk space.  Even limiting to your own single spiritual path, much is offered.

Meditation is one of the most individual things you can do spiritually.  It is also a process of growth.  Don't let initial disappointment slow you down!
Blessed Be!

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Before you drive your car, do you have a man walk in front of it carrying a red flag?  It used to be the law in several places, and one US city has it still on the books for women who drive!  It was within the time of my adulthood that a certain city required inter-racial couples to have a copy of their marriage certificate with them at all times.  In our spiritual lives, it is not uncommon to find people with similar hang-ups based on teachings.

Many of us have heard of people using the trappings and regalia of Norse and Germanic traditions as a pretext for racism.  The truth is that the Aesir and Vanir tried to get along with each other and everyone else, with there being ample proof of that in the Havamal and other written lore.  

Similarly, some Christians keep citing scripture which Jesus specifically said went out with the coming of John The Baptist.  As we do when we deal with issues such as the "guru" who claims to have a "spiritual herb", we need to know the truth about our own path, and each other's path.
Blessed Be!

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Prayer is the primary of the three means to open a door to The Divine, and it is certainly the most significant way of communicating with your deities.  The other two are meditation and contemplation and just about anything else falls within the definition of one of those three.  The main problem with prayer is how much wrong information we've been given and the personal agendas of some who would be teachers.

From rote recitation of prayers without learning their meaning to list of things that you are not supposed to pray for to such barriers as "God's will" and "God's time", there is much standing in the way of the full truth about what prayer can do.  But if you can still see and feel the truth beyond that, then you are ready for the full wonder and power of what prayer can do!
Blessed Be!

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Much has been said about forgiveness, but little seems really understood.  Forgiveness is a key element in the process of healing, because it assigns the hurt its proper place in the past, and makes it stay in the past.  This can involve individuals, nations, or any size of distinguishable groups of people in between.

The course forgiveness takes will depend on the situation and those involved.  It is possible to cite numerous cases in which the result was not just reconciliation, but the building of something better and stronger than before.  I have also known cases in which the person forgiven became part of someone's past and remained there out of sheer necessity.

As much hurt and division as has been created, as well as excuses and pretexts for even more, we need to look to forgiveness as a way to get ourselves to move forward.

Blessed Be!

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We have a unique problem right now.  Until now, the big-name, high-publicity shootings could be simply identified by its location, such as the Columbine shooting, the Thurston shooting, or the Sandy Hook shooting.  Now, we have two big-name shootings, both in Orlando, Florida, and within less than three days of each other.  Singer Christina Grimmie was gunned down on June 10th, and a whole lot more people were gunned down at a nightclub known as The Pulse, an establishment well-known for catering to the LGBT community.  It was also popular with teens that couldn't go elsewhere.

As of recording time, it appears that 49 people dies and another 50 were wounded in the Pulse shooting.  In both cases, the shooter died in the shooting, so there will not be anything with the finality of a trial.  Official investigations are going on, of course, but the door is wide open for speculation.

And what can we do?  We can do what we've always done!  They don't sell "Witches Heal" bumper stickers for nothing, you know!  And let's see what we can bring about!

Blessed Be!

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My dad kept a small rubber ball on his desk, half red and half yellow, to get people to understand one of the basic facts of a dispute.  If he held up the ball and asked what color it was, his reply would not be the same as the person responded because each was looking at a different color.  That is the nature of many of the disputes we have today, and religion is one of the areas where such disputes happen.

If we look beyond the proper names of deities and people, we might find that our paths have more in command than they have differences.  And if that is true, then it might follow that there might be little substantive reason for dispute.  If that is true, then we should be able to keep differences in perspective so that we can work together.

And if we can work together, some great things might be waiting for us!

Blessed Be!

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One of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life was a gathering called Witchstock 97, put on by the Serpentstone Family.  The absolute high point of that gathering was the main ritual.  As I entered, I was smudged and I stated that I was entering in perfect love and perfect trust.  And in the years since then, I have been grasping just how much that meant.

Perfect love and perfect trust are not two separate things, but two expressions of one.  After all, love cannot grow beyond a superficial level without trust.  And once that fact settles in on us, we notice that love is the natural state for all sentient beings, human or animal.  

Whether we are talking about Odin hanging from the World Tree, the Shinto goddess installing her grandson Jimmu as the first emperor and custodian of Japan, or any other lore, we can see how much our deities do for all of us.  And if we can get the point in our own lives and our dealings with each other, there is no limit to what can be!  

Blessed Be!

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Memorial Day being May 30th this year has some significance.  Before Memorial Day became a "Monday holiday", it was regularly celebrated on May 30th.  And this gives us an opportunity to think about what Memorial Day is about.  If you are not in the United States, I imagine that you have a similar holiday and what I say here should apply.

It began as "Decoration Day", when people would decorate the graves of fallen Union Soldiers from the Civil War.  As Civil War veterans began dying, a veterans' group began adding them to the honorees on Decoration Day, although the primary emphasis remains to this day on those who died fighting for our country.  And it developed into Memorial Day, a day for remembering the fallen from all wars.

These were people who interrupted their lives for the sake of their country.  Whether recruited or drafted, they stepped forward.  They left behind schools, jobs, and families with the hope of returning when it was over.  And so, we honor them.  And in honoring, we can heal.    

Blessed Be!

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One of my favorite buttons in the late 80's and early 90's was one that said "Born Again Pagan".  Not only did it say where I was at during that point of my life, it insured that the more obnoxious of the Christian Fundamentalists would avoid me so that they didn't have to hear how I had something which they thought was their exclusive!

As my path developed into what it is now, I saw how many ways there were to be born again, and how many paths shared this concept - whether or not they would admit it!  But if it doesn't happen with burning bushes are apparitions as if we were in the movies, how does it happen?  Might it be that sometimes we have to recognize what we've been given?

Blessed Be!

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