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Memorial Day being May 30th this year has some significance.  Before Memorial Day became a "Monday holiday", it was regularly celebrated on May 30th.  And this gives us an opportunity to think about what Memorial Day is about.  If you are not in the United States, I imagine that you have a similar holiday and what I say here should apply.

It began as "Decoration Day", when people would decorate the graves of fallen Union Soldiers from the Civil War.  As Civil War veterans began dying, a veterans' group began adding them to the honorees on Decoration Day, although the primary emphasis remains to this day on those who died fighting for our country.  And it developed into Memorial Day, a day for remembering the fallen from all wars.

These were people who interrupted their lives for the sake of their country.  Whether recruited or drafted, they stepped forward.  They left behind schools, jobs, and families with the hope of returning when it was over.  And so, we honor them.  And in honoring, we can heal.    

Blessed Be!

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One of my favorite buttons in the late 80's and early 90's was one that said "Born Again Pagan".  Not only did it say where I was at during that point of my life, it insured that the more obnoxious of the Christian Fundamentalists would avoid me so that they didn't have to hear how I had something which they thought was their exclusive!

As my path developed into what it is now, I saw how many ways there were to be born again, and how many paths shared this concept - whether or not they would admit it!  But if it doesn't happen with burning bushes are apparitions as if we were in the movies, how does it happen?  Might it be that sometimes we have to recognize what we've been given?

Blessed Be!

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We've heard of "red flags" before, those indicators that we need to stop and look because something is probably not right.  I've found five flags that might be found on any kind of path: spiritual, political, professional, or just about anything else.  And there are plenty to be seen every day.

One thing these red flags have in common is that they distract you from your path, even though the manipulators behind them want you to think that you are on your path.  See what I mean and then see what you see!

Blessed Be!

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Death is inevitable; no matter how badly some wish to ignore it.  Those who don't ignore it seem forced into either speculating, or buying into someone else's speculation.  So much of the latter, unfortunately, seems to be spiritual blackmail by people who want their followers to comply.  

A quick examination will reveal more paths in agreement than disagreement on the broad details.  And only one path has branches which teach an either/or between blissful reward and eternal punishment.  Then again, look at the teaching at the root, and you'll see reason to doubt the speculations of some "teachers".  

And the final analysis might not be so bad.

Blessed Be!

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Your best helpers in your spiritual life might well be your four-footed friends with whom you share a home.  It certainly is true for me!  People often talk about Wiccans and Witches with their familiars as if it were something mysterious and perhaps sinister, when the only thing that actually happens is that the dog or cat is allowed to reach toward his or her potential.

You will come to understand much as you grow together!

Blessed Be!

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In the last episode, I spoke about having sacred space, now I need to talk about claiming it!  That word "claim" has a powerful significance, from a spiritual point of view.  It means that it is yours when you use it.  Even if it's a place which has to be shared with others at other times, it is yours when you use it for sacred purposes.

There might be some people who might try to interfere with your use of your sacred space, but a few polite words will stop all but the most obstinate.  For those not stopped by politeness, there are some ways that don't involve retaliation which have proven effective.

If you're an adult, if nobody can claim that you're trespassing, you're doing it on your own time and you're not interfering with other people's rights, you should be able to make use of that sacred space.

Blessed Be!

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Of all of the obstacles that you might face in growing your spirituality and making something of your spiritual life, one of the first might well be the question of a place where you can actually exercise your spirituality.  In other words, a sacred space of your own.  

It might seem a simple matter, but it can become complicated as the time I had a room set aside, but it seemed as if someone was always busting in.  Or, it might seem difficult when it is not, such as a place where other people are, but they respect what you are doing.

And as you advance and grow, you'll see what I mean!

Blessed Be!

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Ten years ago, I created the first episode of this podcast.  Its title was "Can We Please Get Along?".  It seemed then (and still does) that we have more to share than we will ever have differences, and many of those differences don't even really exist!  So, then, why not?

There's bad news and good news.  There are people who are working together today who would have never thought of doing so ten years ago.  And, people are making the discovery that some differences don't matter as much as they once thought.

The problem is the folks who not only don't want to get along, but want to force division, controversy, and even raise issues to divert attention from real issues.  

Blessed Be!

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Some basic ideas that have been drummed into your head can become tools, and even weapons, in dealing with the words and actions we see from politicians, candidates, business executives, and various forms of bureaucrats as well as religious leaders.  Look at the "Golden Rule" that every Christian child learns in Sunday school, and the "Threefold Law" well known to every Wiccan.  After all, if someone bullies you, does that mean that the bully really wants you to bully him/her?

Given the broad-brush statements about certain groups of people, how would someone feel if the same broad-brush were applied to them?  Not only is there a question of whether or not we can afford that kind of prejudiced thinking, it might keep us from seeing greater issues.  The Oklahoma City bombing and several other terrorist-type actions since then, for instance, had nothing to do with minority religions such as Islam.  

We have a weapon immediately available which will let each of us know what a person is advocating.  Add a little to that, and you can get an idea of what we might have to expect from that person.  We might even be able to stop a snake before it strikes!  

Blessed Be!

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If there is one challenge facing us that is greater than any other, it is the challenge presented by hate.  Hate is no stranger to our history, even the history of the United States.  At least one early synagogue was equipped with an escape tunnel found necessary in European synagogues, and the Philadelphia cathedral's stained glass windows were set high enough to be out of reach of a mob's rocks.  The problem today, however, is that many of the preachers of hate are in positions which would ordinarily deserve great respect!  

If there is anything more wasteful than hate, I can't think of what it would be.  And hate is so wasteful that it can lead to the downfall of an entire country.  While some might say that if there were no hate, there would have been no war against Hitler's Germany, the fact is that enforcing and administering their policies of hate caused Germany to divert vast resources and thousands of people for the sake of enforcing their hate.

What can we do?  Much can be done and much has been discussed.  But a thought occurred to me which might work if a direct confrontation happens!

Blessed Be!

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