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It is amazing, the number of people who seem to need to hate.  And when they hate us, it might seem that the only two options to escape their venom are to either capitulate to their slogans or keep your beliefs to yourself.  And neither of those actually works, and in fact it will only increase their hate!  Fortunately, they have a vulnerability which they share with the schoolyard bullies we knew in childhood.

You are strong where the haters are weak.  I know that I sometimes have to remind myself of both facts.  Those who hate have a weakness which can be their downfall.  Meanwhile, we have strength which we can depend on.  It begins not merely with maturity, but with growth that lets us avoid immaturity!
Blessed Be!

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Have you been receiving harassment lately, especially religious harassment?  It happens a lot lately, and social media only added to the potential ways for it to happen.  On the internet, they are often referred to as "trolls", for their obsessive behavior.  It's even worse when it's someone you thought you knew.  In my case, one was someone I had known since high school and another was someone I had served with in the Air Force.  And past friendship does not curb their obsession or their verbal venom.

There is much that can be said about them, but often not much that can be done about them except perhaps reporting and blocking.  But one factor about those "trolls" and other harassers actually works against them and for your benefit!

Blessed Be!

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Some might find Imbolc to be a Sabbat which is easy to skip-over, but those who really grasp what Imbolc is about find it to be one of the most powerful.  As with Yule and Samhain having their corresponding Yuletide and Samhaintide to mark the days and other celebrations surrounding them, it would not be wrong to speak of Imbolctide for all of the related celebrations.

From ancient Pagan celebrations to Christian holidays and even to the American folklore celebration of Groundhog Day, All of the celebrations tie in together with a basic fact which can give us much encouragement.

Regardless of deity or denomination, Imbolc offers us something special!

Blessed Be!

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Christians and atheists appear to be missing the same point! I don't mean all of both groups, but a sizeable number indeed.  A group known for atheism recently posted a graphic containing several pictures of starving, suffering people, especially children.  Along with the pictures was the taunt: "Where is your god?"

The answer applies to both groups, both the Christians and the atheists.  And please don't think that the answer lets the atheists off the hook, either!

Blessed Be!

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Most people think of Lent as a Christian tradition, but it has its parallels in many other spiritual paths.  Used well, it functions nicely as a "course correction maneuver" to give each of us an opportunity to see where we are on our journey compared to where we could be.  

Unfortunately, many Christians have made Lent a negative experience.  There may be those who picture Santa Claus or the Nativity when they think of Christmas, but when I think of Lent, I picture an old lady waving her finger at a child while trying to live in the 19th century.  That's the problem.

Blessed Be!

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Nothing irritates me quite as much as when a tragedy happens, such as the recent mass shootings, and people in a position to offer solutions instead prefer to say how the victims and their families are in their "thoughts and prayers."  I found it irritating enough that at one time I left Christianity as I then had known it because of how many purported Christians seemed to be using prayer as a means to avoid dealing with issues.

The current wave of mass shootings makes it more direct and personal for me.  I know what it is like to hear on the news that an old friend was shot and killed, and I have seen the look on a co-worker's face as she tried to find out if her child was all right after a shooting in a school.  But the issue I raise here goes beyond that.  Deities must be very displeased with empty prayers and empty promises of prayers.

Blessed Be!

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Those of us who are Pagan and/or Wiccan are fortunate: Some of our most important holidays have mundane equivalents on different days, and it means we have two chances at some things.  The mundane New Year's Day is like that because of its parallels to Samhain.  Not only do both celebrate endings and beginnings, it is an opportunity to help beginnings with resolutions.  One resolution that I am making is to strengthen my spiritual life.

Your spiritual life is your own and private, with the only exceptions being if you have a teacher for that area, and for those activities done in a group, such as group rituals.  Other than ant, it's yours and your business.  And on that note, we can explore.

Blessed Be!

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To begin with, a basic point: you are a priest/ priestess.  You have an absolute right and indeed a responsibility to be a priest or priestess for the sake of your own needs.  You might need a stock broker to buy shares of corporate stock and you might need a commodities broker to buy agricultural commodities, but there are no "blessing brokers".  There are times, of course, when you will need the services of someone functioning as clergy, such as a wedding or for a specialized need.

And there are those called to be clergy.  Such a call can be very forceful, and can even cross supposed boundaries of denomination and even deity.  The force can be so compelling that it almost makes death seem optional by comparison!  And if it is real, it is never just a job.

So, let's explore priesthood and see what it is all about.  It will be a good beginning to some exploration of your own spiritual life!

Blessed Be!

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Once upon a time, I was a total cynic about this time of year.  If I went to a church, it seemed to be permeated by gossip, people who led soap-opera lives, and folks who used prayer as a way to avoid doing anything tangible for people.  And, in the mundane world, there was the usual seasonal hype, centered around a seasonal tree holding the objects of seasonal blackmail and bribery.  

Let's not forget the annual one-upping the neighbor when it comes time to decorate the house.  It's gotten to the point that a situation which was included in a comedy some years back has actually become a daily problem in some cities!

Things changed for me when I learned how to tune in certain aspect and tune out certain others.  It's not difficult, nobody has to give up anything important, and we'll have our holidays back, regardless of the name of the holiday we're celebrating!

Blessed Be!

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There is an epidemic in this country.  It is an epidemic of a disease that has brought down nations before, and has brought disaster to many more.  This is not the first time that this disease hadinfested the United States.  We need to stop it!

The disease spreads among people, leaving plants and animals innocently non-involved.  Parents can easily pass the disease to their children.  Worse yet, the disease can spread among children in places like schools, with the result being that a child can be seriously infected before a parent even notices.  And, of course, adults have ample opportunity to catch the disease.

The disease can often cause fortunes to be consumed in meeting the demands that the disease brings on, and more than one war has been lost by a country where this disease is especially rampant.

Can you tell that the disease is none other than hate?  Explore further, and see how we might fight it and win!

Blessed Be!

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