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This is the 500th episode of "The Secrets In Plain Sight".  The first episode was titled "Can We Please Get Along?"  Each episode since then has touched on this issue in one way or another.  And at the 500th episode, I am convinced that we can, and that we must!

With all of the controversies going on, it might not seem possible, but it is!  Here at home, we are dealing with radicals claiming to be Christian, and in other parts of the world, extremists labeling themselves as Muslim have our attention.  Which of either gets attention of the mass media depends, of course, on what sells and who won't be offended.  

In the Norse, the Aesir made peace with the Vanir.  And even Christian scripture shows a path not to conciliation or consolidation, but to respect and working together.  We do that, and there will be no limit to what we can accomplish!

Blessed Be!

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We've discussed this subject before, but some subjects demand further exploration, especially those which can be part of our daily life.  Every spiritual path and every society has some version of ghosts.  The noun used might differ, but it's quite possible to come up with a definition which encompasses all of them, from the soldiers still fighting at Gettysburg to your recently departed relative to the spirits at Yasukuni Shrine in Japan.  

Once realize who they can be, it is easy enough to see how important they are.  And from there, we can learn to deal with them.  And what we learn here can apply elsewhere, too!

NOTE: I see that there is question in Snopes about one item I featured in comment.  I go with the best information I have at the time, and anyone who would call for walls might call for special ID.

Blessed Be!

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"The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think".  I don't know who said it, but I find it too true too often!

It begins as soon as we become aware of other people, and it continues throughout your life!  From putting your toys away to whether you're one of the "better" kids on the playground to judgements passed based on your career choice, it continues.

Do you suddenly realize that the nice house, nice car and fancy job do not fill hollowness within you?  Or, do you do you wonder if all you have is all you're going to have because you simply cannot do better?  

This is one of the biggest challenges to face in life, and it is at the gateway to your fulfillment!

Blessed Be!

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In the US, Veterans' Day is November 11th.  If you are not in the US, I hope that you have a similar celebration sometime in the year.  All veterans deserve to be honored, even former enemies.

In the US and in many other countries, military service was once considered to be a virtual rite of passage for young men.  Indeed, at one time a young man who did not choose when and how he would serve would have the choice made for him by his draft board.  We put our lives on hold for a while to serve our country.  And eventually, the time came when we took off our uniforms and resumed the lives we had left behind.  Coming back home to a regular life was not as easy for some.

In The Craft, there is much that we can do about this.  In fact, for those of you who know the Arthurian tradition, there is one particular knight to emulate and perhaps even evoke!  Sir Bors accomplished the wish of every veteran!

Blessed Be!

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How do we keep Samhain going?  Quite a lot can happen at Samhain, and quite a lot more can begin to happen.  The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest at Samhain, and some people seem to worry about what might happen after Samhain.  This is not unusual or unfamiliar.  Some Christians seem to see December 26th as the day when the Christmas spirit is replaced by the cold hostility of winter.  Neither has to be the case.

The trick is to make maximum use of the veil at its thinnest, keep it as thin as possible for as long as possible, and to be able to reach through when needed.  After all, needs do not always arise at convenient times.

The answer to all of this is closer than some people might believe!

Blessed Be!

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This is the perfect time to discuss Samhain, because it is precisely a week away from when this publishes!  Samhain is a time of opposites working together.  It is also a great time for combining a fun celebration with some really great spiritual experiences.

There are some wonderful family, friends and others whom I miss greatly.  With the veil between the worlds being at its thinnest, this is the time for communication.  In the same manner as some might consider the invitation list to a celebration such as the Thanksgiving as practiced in the US, I try to make sure of the list of those I want to call on at Samhain.  And, we cannot forget the more mundane part of the celebration.

Samhain is also a great time to have some fun.  And we cannot lose sight of the need for some occasional fun.

Blessed Be!

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Dreams and visions can be spiritual or mundane, but they have one thing in common: some of the best-intentioned of your friends and family will try to talk you out of your dreams.  And the people who listen to that are the folks who keep psychiatrists and priests busy in their own careers.  Look back at yourself when you were perhaps five or six years old, and look at how you envisioned what your life would be like today.  Compare that with the reality of your life today, and you might see what I mean.

There are some factors that are begging for consideration here.  And, we might as well admit the fact that some visions do not simply go away because your parents or others disapprove.  Let's scratch the surface of what we might be able to do!

Blessed Be!

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When I was beginning, I once asked a teacher what the most and least important parts of magick and spellwork were.  Her answer molded my path from that day on. And, remarks about what I said concerning a recent incident make me know that point even more.

That one element can change so much!  It's so powerful that some people seem to deliberately try to sabotage it.  And in other cases, the well-meaning seem to try to undermine it.

It's there for you to use, preferably with wisdom.     

Blessed Be!

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For people living in the United Sates, everyone was affected by the Pope's visit, with the possible exception of someone who might be living under a rock on some mountaintop.  Of course, the spin-makers were at it too, trying to put their own spin on things.  Self-appointed martyr-makers arranged for the infamous Kim Davis to meet the Pope, while others forgot to mention that the Pope also met with an old friend who is gay and his friend's long-time partner.

It quickly became apparent that Pope Francis has not yet introduced anything new, but he is bringing back the example of his faith's founder who had no problem with associating with social outcasts.  He also seems interested in keeping various issues in their proper perspective.  People are hungry, people are being killed for their faith, wars are being fought for the benefit of arms manufacturers, and someone wants to talk about....

The visit has the potential of being a game-changer.  I'm looking forward to it!

Blessed Be!

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It doesn't take much to figure out what the title is talking about.  Many will talk about having a goal, but how many are willing to do the work to get there?  Here in the US, it's easy enough to see men walking around in what appear to be Army battle uniforms, but they aren't soldiers and never have been!  Some, in fact, would probably not survive a genuine drill sergeant!  Where religion and the spiritual are concerned, the matter is complicated by the fact that not all paths have well-defined paths of training and formation.

For some, this means concern over finding themselves under the guidance of a wanna-be or worse.  For those who do intend to function as priest, priestess or other clergy, the question is how to avoid being perceived as "self-styled".
Blessed Be!

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