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About a week ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to another part of the state, where Lady Stormy and I presided over a wedding. It was outdoors, away from town; in a place that reminded me of my grandfather's summer cabin when I was a little boy. It seemed so ideal, but it was unique.

One of the first things I noticed when we arrived was that the guests had not divided into the usual "Bride's side" and "Groom's side" cliques looking at strangers. Instead, it was one group of people enjoying the occasion. Then again, there wouldn't have been a "Bride's side" because there was no bride. Two grooms were getting married in that county's first same-sex wedding.

It's one thing to sit around and discuss some subject, it's another to have your feet "on the ground" where it is happening. And I would like to offer my observations on what I found and learned. And the recent Supreme Court ruling makes it relevant to today's discussion.

Blessed Be!

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Seekers' Temple is leaving Beebe, Arkansas. They have a new place, located elsewhere. While they had originally chosen Beebe because of it being so central to their members, Seekers' temple was not just a mission or a "church plant". It included a family who looked forward to calling Beebe their home. 

 Unfortunately, all welcomes stopped when the people of Beebe discovered that Seekers' Temple was not Christian! Then began the harassment and bullying including dubious legal actions, vandalism of lawn statues, bright lights shining into windows at night, and much more. Simply put, they became victims of a hate campaign, all because they were a church which was not Christian!

 It does not take much research effort to see how wasteful hate always is! Nations have fallen because of hate, after all! I refuse to be like a stereotypical street-corner preacher and claim that some plague, drought or invading army was coming their way. Their fate is, in some ways, even worse.

Blessed Be!

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Deities like to party! No matter how somber and sober the followers of some spiritual paths behave (at list publicly), look into the history, legends and lore and you'll probably see that the deities and their initial followers knew how to party! And, they knew how to celebrate in a religious context, too!

So, our own celebrations can be in a religious context and many of them are, and are familiar to many of us. And the lesson here is not only is that okay, we might look for more celebrations!

Some of the examples you'll find, in fact, probably will not be anything you were taught in Mrs Broadbeam's Sunday school class!

Blessed Be!


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This episode carries within it a challenge for each and every one, regardless of denomination, spiritual path or affiliation. The challenge is quite simple: get the point of an admonition you'll find expressed one way or another in every path.

I chose to express it using the Christian version of it for several reasons. One is that it is so widely published that many people think that they are familiar with it. Another reason is that it is one of those examples of a secret in plain sight that so many people miss!

Those who get the point will receive a blessing that's good for any spiritual path!

Blessed Be!


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There can me many reasons why you might feel the need to spice-up your prayer life. It's easy to get into a rut. Also, the way some of us are taught, we need to find where the spice is. After all, what we got taught in Sunday school about prayer was not usually exciting. Of course, there are those who have never had a prayer life before. But then, others will want to explore to see what can be.

All of this, plus being able to enjoy the fact that this is your own private prayer life and therefore your own business and nobody else's. Public prayer and the prayer you might do because of a ministry you perform or a group you join is another matter. We're talking here about your personal prayer life that nobody gets to mess with.

This is where you get to develop your spiritual muscle!

Blessed Be!


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Memorial Day is the day set aside in the United States to honor those who died in service to their country. Those still in active service have Armed Forces Day, and those who have fought and are still living have Veterans' Day. I do not believe it wrong to include deceased veterans among the honored on Memorial Day, but the basic fact is that Memorial Day is the day to remember those who served their country and have died.

I am old enough to have friends, including a close friend, among those honored on Memorial Day. Ironic, too, in that he was chosen for a program that my glasses kept me out of, and he died flying a helicopter in Vietnam. He and I both stepped forward. He got chosen to be an Army chopper pilot, and I got chosen to do something else in the Air Force. I could name others, but this one was special.

And this is a good time to give thanks for those men and women and what they gave for us. Enjoy the picnic, the barbecue or the ball game. But remember who made them possible!

Blessed Be!


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I remember as a very young lieutenant in the Air Force having to work with a senior captain who considered it his mission to tell everyone what our colonel wanted. Imagine what happened when the colonel heard about what he supposedly wanted, and he never wanted that! I remember well the reaction concerning the captain who spoke out of turn claiming to be on the colonel's behalf. If the colonel had been a deity instead of a mortal, it might have been more complicated.

From Allah to Zarathustra, from Brigid to Yahweh, my heart goes out to deities who have to hear their names batted about in ways which they never had in mind! And I pity the mortals involved when it catches up to them!

And on the other end, we have others who go too far in another direction. I recall a party planning in which someone wanted to make the Friday night get-together meatless because some of those attending might be Catholic. And then there is the human rights complaint which claims that Catholic University in Washington, DC does not sufficiently accommodate the needs of Muslim students, like they named it "Catholic University" because it sounded "cool".

When is the next shipment of common sense due?

Blessed Be!


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Something scares me worse than any conspiracy theory that the far-outers of either side of the spectrum could ever produce. What scares me more than even the military exercise in Texas is what is happening in the name of "Religious Freedom."

To me, "Religious Freedom" means the freedom to exercise my religion. It means that nobody can tell me which church I must attend or which faith I must not practice. It means that I may wear special clothing if my faith dictates. It means that my religion is my business. 

To some, unfortunately, "Religious Freedom" means the freedom to discriminate or even act out against anyone whom they feel does not conform to their own religion's rules. It even seems to permit some of the same discrimination which other laws prohibit, provided that a bigot can show a religious reason for their act!

Blessed Be!


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At some point in your spiritual journey, you might find yourself searching for a new or improved deity. While atheists and agnostics might be looking to fill a void, some others might like their current deity well enough, but would like that deity to have a more active role in daily life. Then, there are those who have a particular want or need, and want a deity to help with that issue. And now and then, someone will feel the need for a new pantheon.

There are some good ways to go about such a search, and there are indeed some precautions. But, it can be done successfully.

For many, this is a part of the growth process. It also becomes an essential part of the learning process.

Blessed Be!

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I recall in college in the late 1960's and early 1970's, the followers of Dr. Timothy Leary and others wanted to get everyone "high" and venture "farther out" in their drug-induced pseudo-heaven. Some of them tried to convince me that it would benefit my spirituality. Oh, really?

Someone I knew was studying Buddhist meditation and a few Anglican monks of my acquaintance who did a lot of meditation were in agreement that they didn't need any help from such stuff, and in fact were concerned that it would get in their way! And, their reason was valid and obvious to those with even a little experience.

Look at where you are going, and you'll see that you are going in a new direction, one which pop-culture folks probably don't know much about. Go there, and find the treasure you're looking for!

Blessed Be!


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