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Conspiracy theories have been with us probably for as long as there has been human history, so we have to deal with them. Find a major historical event, and someone is going to come up with the sort of some sinister plot that brought it about! Either that, or write a fiction book that has enough reality to it, and someone will try to prove it true, fantasies and all!

So, what are these conspiracy theories about? And what makes people come up with them - and believe them? The answers to those questions are the reasons we need to understand what's behind those conspiracy theories!

Blessed Be!

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No matter what we call the collection of spiritual activities we do, there is one activity that conjures up more confusion and conflict than anything else. That activity is prayer. It may seem ironic, because prayer is the one thing you do mostly by yourself. But it is because of that fact that there is so much conflict, confusion, and people trying to mind your business for you!

And so, let's examine the most basic of basics, to see what you need to do, as opposed to what you may have been told!

Blessed Be!


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Resurrection is a TV show which has my attention! It does a great job of credibly dealing with one question which we all will face eventually, and it expresses the basic elements of the question in a here-and-now setting. And it maintains its credibility by avoiding the questions which we are honestly not in a position to answer!

Because it avoids the questions we cannot answer, it addresses the questions which we are all going to have to face. And what of the secrets and unknown facts which we are not aware of? How will we deal with those? Most of us are on spiritual paths which teach us to expect such a reunion.

Blessed Be!


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Traditions can be beautiful, or they can be ugly. It depends on how the tradition is followed. If you want a mild example of how tradition can go wrong, ask a Christian child about Lent and you'll hear more negativity than Jesus had in mind.

So, why bother? Because most of us need tradition to give us part of our identity, to say nothing of a sense of belonging. But, it has to be done the right way for it to be positive. And yes, even the Christians' Lent has its positive side, for those who wish to find it.

And here is the importance of learning where tradition is concerned.

Blessed Be!


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Ostara is special for many reasons, perhaps the most obvious is that it gets mixed with a seemingly parallel Christian celebration which has nothing to do with Ostara! It may have a similar-sounding name, but similarity ends there. Ostara has its own very important meaning.

What's amazing to me is that it shows a necessary passage in the Wheel of the Year and in the life of the God/King, but it also represents a point in people's lives which seems to get overlooked. It is observed by people who live in the bounds of traditions which still have such a rite of passage for people, but most mundane people don't really bother with it.

Sabbats do not just offer celebrations, they offer lessons as well!

Blessed Be!


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If you're listening to this podcast, then you probably have a good collection of books. How would you like to transform them into tools of change and spiritual self-defense? You are probably closer to that than a lot of people! 

There are some good reasons to do this, and they will all improve your position as a follower of whatever path or combination of paths you are on! 

And it seems to me that with this, we can grow far more than if we merely tried to convert the world to our way! No, this will do so much more than that could ever do!

Blessed Be!


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If there is one thing that I would be worried about where anyone's spiritual path is concerned, it would have to be the distractions offered to keep someone from their true path. In fact, the distractions keep them not only from their spiritual path, but from their spiritual goal!

Sometimes offered out of ignorance, or often used as a means to force at least outward compliance, they are dangerous where someone's spiritual growth are concerned.

Can anyone grow while trying to live a lie?

Blessed Be!


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No, I don't believe. It could be said that I don't believe in any god, goddess, angel, saint, or other deity or near-deity. I began with belief, but it grew beyond that into something much more.

And that's the point and the beginning of the reason for its importance. Many young children believe in such characters as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too, but we're talking about belief and more in something and someone substantially different.

And what makes the difference is how we can go beyond mere belief in our deities. It can also mean spiritual safety when we have to deal with those who would manipulate or control us. 

Blessed Be!


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Tempest Smith Day is February 20th. She died on that day in 2001. She was twelve years old. She died because of the incessant bullying she was subjected to in school. Part of the pretext for the bullying was that she had come to embrace Wicca.

At least one church has declared her a martyr, and a patron of victims of bullying.

This happened in a school district already infamous for anti-Wiccan discrimination, but so what? Bullying can and does happen everywhere. And it is not limited to schools, and it is not something that only happens to children and adolescents.

And something needs to be done!

Blessed Be!


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Writing this episode was a lot of fun. Not because I got to confront a popular version of short-sightedness, but because I had the opportunity to explore how we are ALL short-sighted.

While almost all will agree that The Divine (by whatever name or names) is infinite, there are those who try to put a border on infinity. The fact is that the fullness of The Divine is beyond our comprehension, and that is backed up by someone you would not expect!

But, the blessing is that it gives us reason to respect each other!

Blessed Be!

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