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Imagine a religious/ theological version of a science fair. I remember science fairs in school as a time when instead of dealing with the usual science stuff, I got to explore something that interested me, and exhibit the results. Imagine that with the subjects we deal with here! All things considered, it might be the opening to a revolution of truth!

Regardless of our spiritual path, most of us find ourselves forced into recognizing how much we do not know. Those who do think that they know all that they need to know are in for an awakening.

Even Christians face this, since most of them don't know that what they call "scripture" is only one of four such bodies of scripture, and they are not even agreed on what's in that one! As a Baptist about the Book of Tobit and you'll see - but a well-studied Catholic or Anglican will know immediately!

For those of the Norse/Germanic persuasions, the Havamal and Heimskringla provide some interesting contrasts, don't they? And what is waiting to be found? And what might have been found that someone is afraid to let us know about?

Blessed Be!


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I keep suggesting that February 20th be set aside as Tempest Smith Day. It's appropriate for a day to honor those who are or have been victims of bullying, particularly religious bullying.

Tempest Kayne Smith was a young lady with an amazing intellect and some major talents. That and the fact that she was pursuing Wicca were some of the reasons bullies targeted her. On February 20, 2001 she could not take it anymore.

Religious bullying is especially wrong due to how individual religion must be for it to work for an individual. Also, there is no form of religion that hasn't gotten someone bullied, especially in the United States. And even Christian scripture itself gives reasons why religious bullying should not happen.

Religious bullying needs to be confronted.

Blessed Be!


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As we approach the anniversary of Tempest Smith's death, I'd like to discuss some of the aspects of the isolation which victims of bullying experience and what can be done spiritually to overcome that.

Spiritual measures might not be enough, because physical isolation also happens. But, thanks to the Internet, it's much easier to find folks with like issues and like mind. Spiritual isolation can be another matter. I've known more than one who felt abandoned by his or her deities.

But, spiritual isolation can be overcome, and the result can be amazing!

Blessed Be!


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Some of the most popular ways of putting an end to someone's spiritual life are subtle and sometimes seem downright popular. We're not talking about "biggies" here, such as how some folks claim that someone is somehow following some kind of "devil". Instead, we're talking about something more subtle that can be disguised as proper teaching!

Four techniques are especially infamous. Each has its roots and methods, but most can be traced to greed and the agendas which greed creates.

Here is yet another case in which truth becomes a weapon. Never forget that pure, genuine truth is absolute, regardless of the list of "facts" someone might collect. And with truth, we have the means to transform that into empowerment.

Blessed Be!


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We need to say farewell to a friend of ours. I say "ours" because he welcomed you to the podcast every week for a many years. His purr followed Yuengling's bark at the opening of the show. His name is Thor.

He came into our lives by the simple fact that he chose me. He jumped into the car, jumped onto my lap, looked me in the eye and I told him that he has a home. My wife knew him, and knew he had no home. That was July 4, 2001 and he was barely a year old.

He was the perfect combination of friend and familiar. He also had a talent for healing, as I discovered when I was recovering from some rather nasty cancer surgery. It was at that time that the other cats fully realized who he was and made him a family member, not just a tolerated newcomer.

After fourteen years, I'm missing him. But I've found absolute truth in some promises which were made. I tend to be hard on those who insist on waiting for something that's already here, or who ask for something that they already have. And there is a promise.

Blessed Be!






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I feel the need to preface my remarks with the assurance that there is no such thing as a "dumb question", except for the one that someone is afraid to ask. That said, there are those questions which reveal how much the person asking needs to learn. This can be scary when the question reveals a substantial gap between what might be needed to do something at all, and what might be necessary to do it successfully and safely.

The Walt Disney cartoon "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" illustrates what I mean, with a flawless performance by Mickey Mouse as the over-ambitious apprentice!

And by looking at the situation, and the context of the original question someone posed, we can see what we need!

Blessed Be!


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What can I do? That question is asked in a number of ways. Sometimes, it is an actual question. Sometimes, it is a challenge to be offered an opportunity for action. At other times, it attempts to serve as an excuse for those who want to claim to be weak and powerless. Here, I'll try to offer genuine answers to a serious asking of the question.

I am often criticized as being too political, but the fact is that the political has gotten to the point that it even permeates some of our prayer lives! So, we need to do something. There are indeed those who would mess with our basic civil and human rights, and some will do so in the name of what they think are their own rights.

Can we see where we might find things to do in the face of this?

Blessed Be!


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Most of us will agree that ignorance and prejudice have too high a cost. Unfortunately, ignorance and prejudice are so often disguised as knowledge. Worse yet, the ignorant and the prejudiced see themselves as being privy to such "special knowledge" and that their duty is to insure that they impart that "knowledge" to the rest of us.

History is full of examples. They include ethnic groups of people who were said to present a danger to national security, a political candidate who supposedly had a secret tunnel to the world headquarters of his church, and on and on. Most of them sound ridiculous in retrospect, but most of us a probably guilty of falling for at least one of them.

And we need to see how to combat this problem, preferably before it gets tragically out of hand.

Blessed Be!






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Can we learn something from archaeology that might stop us from being stupid? I enjoy reading about archaeological discoveries, because there is so much to learn from them! Recently, a very large ancient city was discovered in Turkey - all underground! Not a cave dwelling either, but a well-developed city with all of a city's amenities, including sanitiation according to some reports. We also know that our Roman ancestors enjoyed hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing. So, how did our ancestors in more recent centuries fall off the cleanliness bandwagon?

Quite a lot disappeared when a certain religious order was suppressed. All because of a combination of greed, envy, and gossip? It might be!

If we dig into this stuff, can we learn something? Might we be able to save ourselves from making the same mistakes, perhaps on a larger scale? Wouldn't that be nice?

Blessed Be!


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This time of year, we face the annual round of New Year's resolutions, whether we want to or not. Some are made in jest, some are made to get people who can't mind their own business to shut up, but some are real and meant sincerely. The problem with those is the fact that they might be difficult to maintain.

There are some basic principles in making and keeping resolutions, and they are very similar to the principles of Magick which we already know. In fact, they complement each other so well that it using Magick to help them along is logical!

So, how do we bring it off?

Blessed Be!


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