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And today I need to talk a bit about what some would describe as "where the rubber meets the road".

A week ago today (as I am speaking into the mike), an ambulance took Lady Stormy Windwalker, my beloved and beautiful wife of all these years, to the hospital. She was in a room for a while, appearing to get better, and suddenly she was out into Intensive Care.

I often wondered, in my years as a spiritual cynic, how Mrs. Broadbeam or Pastor Passplate would do following their own advice if they had to face something. And now, I'm having to follow what I've been telling others. And I've been doing a lot of praying. And interacting with prayer groups. Et cetera.

Blessed Be!


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What about the basic work of writing a ritual? We've spoken of such things as your sacred space, seeing when something happens and more. But what about the basic act of putting together a ritual.

Here, we're talking about a "one-subject" rite to fulfill a specific want or need. We begin with that as our focus, and see what we can build.

It might seem simple, but attention to detail can produce some spectacular results. With "So mote it be" or its equivalents, you're saying that you really want it, after all!

Blessed Be!


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With all I have talked about doing in the last few weeks, I need to answer the question about a place to do it. Even if you don't have access to a place like Glastonbury or Sedona, you can still have a sacred place of your own - just as powerful and minus the tourists.

There are some considerations, of course. I own my own house, so I can care less about what others think. But some years ago, I had to be concerned about college dorm-mates who wanted to either make fun of me or convert me. What's in that special space can be almost anything, or nothing. It needs to do the job you set it up for, and that's all.

One thing you do not have to worry about: The Divine is anywhere and everywhere. And you might be surprised at how much you can do!

Blessed Be!


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A friend of mine noticed a miracle last week. Nothing that anyone else might notice, but he did. And, he understood that it was a message from someone. And, he celebrated it among friends. I'm glad he did. He made a point which some of us forget when trying to make sense of the mundane and secular.

Miracles come in many forms, but always in response to a need. Establishing that need can be simple, provided that you have an active spiritual life. And here is one reason why it can be wise to keep parts of your prayer life very private.

And, of course, be watching for a reply!

Blessed Be!


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It's obvious that we need to be well-informed to function as citizens of the mundane world. But it's also necessary if we are citizens of the spiritual world and want to make our spiritual work effective. After all, what we do spiritually so often has to do with what we are experiencing in the mundane world.

The problem is not so much in finding news and information, but how to deal with the deluge. And, of course, whether we are talking about highly-focused news outlets such as Pagan Newswire, or if we are talking more generalized sources such as major daily newspapers, we must remember the implications of the fact that someone is paying the bills which allow those to operate.

And how do we wade through the mess of information being tossed at us?

Blessed Be!


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Samhain is a couple of months away, but why shouldn't we get ourselves ready now? The crassest of commercial businesses are preparing for Christmas now because of their desire for profit. So, why shouldn't we be preparing for the most spiritual of all Sabbats?

The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest at Samhain, but we're not talking of a wall with windows. The veil is getting gradually thinner even as we speak. There is no time when it is impossible to reach through the veil, but at Samhain it is easier than at any other time.

Taking the last few episodes in mind and looking forward, we can look forward to a spiritually powerful Samhain, especially if we prepare!

Blessed Be!


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Spirituality does not come easily these days. And in so many cases, what people claim to be spirituality is actually the spiritual equivalent of a frozen TV dinner: created, cooked and even dished-up somewhere else by someone else, with nothing left for you to do but heat it and eat it. But you want something more than that.

The real thing is highly individual, and some people are very uncomfortable with that idea - especially that it be individual for you and not always matching with them! But if it's real, it's as personal as your toothbrush or your soul.

And let's see how we might build that!

Blessed Be!


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Weapons get things done, not always in a harmful, hurtful, or destructive way - but they do get things done. And you might find yourself needing a spiritual weapon. Sometimes you can buy ready-made parts, sometimes you might do it all yourself, but the real building is your job. It's that personal. Prayer is your ammunition.

The normal rules apply as with spellwork, but more so because you are more open to The Divine, regardless of the name, gender or number of your deities. You would not be the first to be granted a wish that you hadn't dare to express! But what I am suggesting here will do well for standing your spiritual ground!

Blessed Be!


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Some of you are considering becoming a priest, priestess, or whatever your spiritual path calls its clergy. Some of you already are, and more. Actually, I see each of you already being your own priest or priestess for your own needs. But there will always be a need for clergy who, among other things, help others.

It would be simple enough to talk about lengths of time and types of training and experience to become clergy, but there are a couple of problems there. One problem is that the ordination processes vary from one body or tradition to another. The other problem concerns what you'll need through your training and after your training so long as you are active clergy. Some of them are so basic that your teacher might assume that you have them, but they are so important that I cannot avoid them.

Regardless of path, tradition or denomination, from Anabaptist to Zoroastrian, I've seen most successes and failures based on the issues I list here.

Blessed Be!


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Please don't call me Christian! Someone recently referred to me as "a Christian with issues", which shows me how little that person knows about me, Christianity, or Wicca! I certainly don't advocate snatching lunch trays from schoolchildren, legislation prohibiting feeding the homeless, or opposition to affordable healthcare, or any of the other things some self-described "Christians" are doing these days.

I was a Christian once, but that was long ago. When several self-appointed spokespeople for their pantheon told me that the bad times I was enduring was because of "God's Will", I decided to look elsewhere.

Later, Jerome Birnbaum, a name many of you might associate with the Veteran Pentacle Quest (his headstone was one of the very first) trained and ordained me. He was also a wonderful teacher and mentor, and he had me look at the ruins of my prior spiritual path, and I discovered something wonderful at the core which had been obscured by two millennia of crap generated by people on their own agendas! Jesus would have fit in well with us Wiccans before others put words in his mouth. And for those thumping the Old Testament, Cornelius got you off the hook unless your family tree indicates that you belong in a synagogue.

Let's look and see what's inside!


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