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When I was beginning, I once asked a teacher what the most and least important parts of magick and spellwork were.  Her answer molded my path from that day on. And, remarks about what I said concerning a recent incident make me know that point even more.

That one element can change so much!  It's so powerful that some people seem to deliberately try to sabotage it.  And in other cases, the well-meaning seem to try to undermine it.

It's there for you to use, preferably with wisdom.     

Blessed Be!

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For people living in the United Sates, everyone was affected by the Pope's visit, with the possible exception of someone who might be living under a rock on some mountaintop.  Of course, the spin-makers were at it too, trying to put their own spin on things.  Self-appointed martyr-makers arranged for the infamous Kim Davis to meet the Pope, while others forgot to mention that the Pope also met with an old friend who is gay and his friend's long-time partner.

It quickly became apparent that Pope Francis has not yet introduced anything new, but he is bringing back the example of his faith's founder who had no problem with associating with social outcasts.  He also seems interested in keeping various issues in their proper perspective.  People are hungry, people are being killed for their faith, wars are being fought for the benefit of arms manufacturers, and someone wants to talk about....

The visit has the potential of being a game-changer.  I'm looking forward to it!

Blessed Be!

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It doesn't take much to figure out what the title is talking about.  Many will talk about having a goal, but how many are willing to do the work to get there?  Here in the US, it's easy enough to see men walking around in what appear to be Army battle uniforms, but they aren't soldiers and never have been!  Some, in fact, would probably not survive a genuine drill sergeant!  Where religion and the spiritual are concerned, the matter is complicated by the fact that not all paths have well-defined paths of training and formation.

For some, this means concern over finding themselves under the guidance of a wanna-be or worse.  For those who do intend to function as priest, priestess or other clergy, the question is how to avoid being perceived as "self-styled".
Blessed Be!

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No Sabbat or other holiday is as personally spiritual as Samhain.  By that I mean spiritual in a personal way to each individual one of us!  The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and those on the other side of the veil have people here that they care about and love.  Someone could very well want to communicate with YOU.

The challenge is to recognize what you are seeing, and interpret the message.  Even the most blatant may require interpretation, and some details might be personal to the recipient. 

They're here.  Can we hear?

Blessed Be!

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For most of us, "Freedom of Religion" is a topic that was mentioned in school as one of the freedoms we have, and that was about it.  Unless, of course, you were a member of a faith that was not in local fashion.  But lately, some folks have been trying to claim another "Freedom of Religion", only this time it's their "freedom" to impose their religion upon others.

We have a case of a county clerk whose job includes issuing marriage licenses to all qualified applicants.  But, because of the version of Christianity which she follows, she refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  We have another case in which a young woman who works as a flight attendant on airliners discovered that her new religious faith prohibits her from serving alcohol.  We've also heard cases of Somali refugees working as grocery clerks refusing to deal with pork.
We need to respect each other's faith and all it entails, but how do we accommodate, get the job done, and maintain fairness?

Blessed Be!

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The revelations from the Ashley Madison scandal remind me of a line from the movie "Braveheart" in which Patrick McGoohan as King Edward I advised his son: "You'll be a king one day, at least try to act like one!"  People who are in positions of trust, visibility, leadership and accountability might do well to remember that!

Given the nature of the "Ashley Madison" web site, it can be assumed that anyone who paid for membership had one thing in mind, and not in a wholesome way.  Those who were caught who were in positions where they were supposed to set an example in such areas as "family values" are going to be in trouble for a very long time. 

This not only tells us what we need to do, it shows us what we can do to meet the challenges of those who would criticize us.

Blessed Be!

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Three young American men became heroes when they stopped an alleged terrorist attack.  They were three young men vacationing together on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.  They were ordinary people who became heroes by doing extraordinary things.

There are all kinds of heroes, living and otherwise.  There are astronauts, aviators, war heroes, inventors, people who demonstrated what an invention could do, and people who stepped up to other challenges, including Rosa Parks who sat in the front of a bus and refused to give up her seat.  Charles Lindbergh and Rosa Parks each saw a challenge and faced the challenge.  Flying across an ocean and sitting where you choose on a bus are things which happen daily now, but only because they faced the challenge and succeeded.

We need to know who our heroes are.  Each of us needs to define who our heroes are, and look for heroes.  Life can be dull and directionless without heroes we can emulate. 

Blessed Be!

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The other day in the supermarket I noticed a sign asking people to not use their cell phones at the deli counter.  The problem wasn't unfortunate husbands needing more specifics on which kind of salami to buy, but people talking to who-knows-who about who-knows-what.  In days before cell phones, any such "side conversation" would have been with a person standing nearby, and that conversation would have been put "on hold" when business was being transacted.  By the age of three, my mommy had already impressed this on me when we went to the store.  It was a part of being polite and having good manners.

It occurred to me the old rules need to apply to technology, and for those of us who are Wiccan, Pagan, or of other spiritual paths can put this concept to good use.  While some covens remain hidden and oathbound, the days when such isolation was either necessary or assumed are gone.  Especially because of the internet, there is more interaction, learning and availability than our spiritual ancestors would have imagined.  And, there are many more of us than we knew about.  But, the same rules of good manners and courtesy apply in the newer media as they did in face-to-face meetings. 
Blessed Be!

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Ghosts are an interesting subject, and one that nobody is neutral about.  What is especially funny is when a non-believer struggles to justify their non-belief when an encounter with a ghost is their first personal encounter with the spiritual!

Defining what a ghost is not only clarifies what we are talking about; it also shows the pure logic in the fact of their existence.  Learning how to deal with them is an essential part of spiritual growth.

This is a subject in which many people have devoted years of research, experience and debate.  And we'll dust off some of the surface here.
Blessed Be!

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The mere mention of spiritual awareness can cause controversy. Yes, some people are comfortable with the subject and others can in fact be too comfortable with it. Some are so over-comfortable that they have discussions with deities while I'm trying to hear a still, small voice. Some others don't want to think it exists. Others know that there is something there and want to experience more.

Meditation, like prayer, has problems in that people can be given some really rote beginnings but need to know how to transition to something beyond the rote. This is a problem in any spiritual path.

And with this, we can make use of everything else of the spiritual that we learn!

Blessed Be!


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