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Tuesday morning, Lady Stormy and I were presented with a surprise.  We found a reminder of someone we loved, who had passed away.  It was something that most folks would not even notice, but that we would know why it was special.  Of course, we remembered and of course we put it with other keepsakes.  It was unexpected and we didn't even think it was in the house.  But there is was.

I was so glad that we recognized it.  It helps with the pain of loss.  It might even be someone reaching across the veil to let us know that he still cares.

The point here is not what happened this time, but that these things can and do happen.  And it is wonderful to be able to recognize and receive such blessings.  It would be sad to think that some people might be missing blessings which are there for them.
Blessed Be!

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At some time in your life, someone or something will have you so upset that you'll want to take action.  And, if you have a strong spiritual life, you'll want to do something spiritually about it!  It's not only natural, it's expected.  And, there are ways to do it.

The first thing you need is a good understanding of the situation, which will mean doing more than scanning a social media post.  Is this situation someone proposing something, or is it happening?  What exactly is the situation?  What should you call for?  Are you ready for any "fallout"?

Done well, this can do much!
Blessed Be!

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The events of the last few weeks have some folks wondering if there is a need for more spiritual protection, especially for those in the so-called "other religions".  Actually, the need has always been there and is no greater than it has been for a while.  The same people are who they have always been, especially spiritually.  The only difference is that some who felt part of the extremist fringe consider themselves as having been invited to join the so-called religious mainstream.

The need has always been there, and extra paranoia will not help anyone.  But, the need is indeed there and in a couple of places we can help ourselves.  Experience has shown two places where protection is especially appropriate.  And note that some protective measures can become the best kind of defensive weapons when needed.
Blessed Be!

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This is a religious show, aimed primarily at those of "alternative faiths", but the fact is that we have to deal with the realities of life, including politics.  And the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States is something which we all will need to deal with.

It is apparent what certain people are trying to do.  And if it is apparent, then it is possible to defeat such an effort.  People do not have to be divided against each other, and especially not by bigotry, prejudice, racism, or any of the various phobias which seem to be currently in "fashion", such as Islamophobia or homophobia.  It can be defeated.

There is a way to do it, and we can do it if we try.  It begins by taking each other’s hands.
Blessed Be!

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I keep saying that your spiritual path is your business, as is your spiritual growth and learning.  The problem is that on the way to enlightenment, so many of us are confronted by what seems to be an army of nitpickers and self-appointed prophets as well as actual teachers and mentors to the point that it can be overwhelming.  And many of them will try to convince you that your way is wrong.  If that is what they claim, then they are wrong.  And that is one of the few times when I'll say that someone's way is wrong - if they say that your way is wrong because it's not theirs.

In choosing a teacher or mentor, there are certain factors to consider.  There are also certain things to look for that will show you how much of a teacher that teacher really is.

But above all else, it's your spiritual path.  Also bear in mind that we're dealing with the infinite, so nobody knows everything about anything, and only The Divine has any chance of having all of the answers!

Blessed Be!

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Samhain is here!  Don't worry about the date when you hear this, because Samhaintide lasts a while.  The veil thins, and then it thickens.  It is not like a door that opens and then slams shut, which is the impression some have of Christmas season, especially on December 26th.

Samhain marks beginnings and endings, and more.  It is interesting to note that while Samhain is a seasonal festival governed by the seasons (and different in the northern and southern hemispheres, There are other holidays and festivities which perfectly mark six months and therefore give one of Samhsain's main functions a firm place.  

Above all else, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Blessed Be!

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With Samhain coming, we need to look at beginnings, and see what beginnings we want to begin.  This is the right time for that.  And we have clues about what we can do all around us!

I've said before, often enough that some of you think I'm repeating myself, that if we put our prejudices and biases aside, we might be able to do some great stuff.  We're not talking about "pay it forward" as much as we are talking about "keep the ball rolling".

Amazing, the things which have been done.  Imagine, then, what can be.  Let's look for opportunities!

Blessed Be!

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With Samhain approaching and the veil between the worlds being at its thinnest, we do well to remember that not only might we want to reach out to them, but they might want to reach out to us.  After all, it works both ways.

If you miss someone who has crossed over, then it follows that someone might miss you, too!  And, there might be others, such as ancestors or those with whom you share some other connection.  And some happen along as a result of what someone is doing.

Learning who they are and why they show up can be important in our quest.  And, it can go a long way to help in many issues.

Blessed Be!

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We are approaching the time when it is easiest to reach across the veil to those on the other side.  It is also the time when it is easiest for them to reach out to us.  And, there are times when we feel the need or desire to reach out to someone in particular for any of a number of possible reasons.  

They miss us as much as we miss them.  Also some of our ancestors and others might be interested in knowing us for any number of reasons, such as shared interests.  

The key is focus, and how to get that focus working for us.
Blessed Be!

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Like with any Sabbat, holiday or other special occasion, Samhain has its preparation.  Along with all of the other preparations going on, how about preparing yourself spiritually for Samhain?  It is perhaps the most spiritual of all Sabbats, and those on the other side of the veil miss us as much as we miss them.

We have the advantage over some in that we know of the spiritual, but there is always the question of knowing what we see when we see it.  

Here are some things you can do to increase your awareness, and perhaps be more aware.
Blessed Be!

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