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Mar 27, 2010

Psalm 100 in the Christians' Bible begins with words which should have a point to anyone regardless of their spiritual path:  "Make a joyful noise...."  Note that it says to make a joyful *NOISE*.  That's a point which even some Christians miss, and they claim it's part of their book!

I will grant that in the case of an...

Mar 20, 2010

Ostara has much to offer us, and coming at the end of a winter like the one we had here only proves the point all the more.  Between Yule and now, we had three individual storms, each of which people claim dumped more snow on us than we get in the typical year.  In fact, Yule was impacted by one of those storms, and our...

Mar 13, 2010

There are some folks who firmly believe that they have never had a spiritual experience.  And some of those folks would indeed like to have one - or more.

Some are influenced by movies, and expect spiritual experience to be like that.  Others have heard stories about saints and others and wondered why they were left...

Mar 6, 2010

A most basic right.  In fact, it is one of your most basic rights!  That's religious freedom.

The gentlemen who wrote the first ten ammendments to the United States Constitution (known as the Bill of Rights) took special care in the first ammendment.  Not only did they not use language which made it sound like the...