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Nov 30, 2013

Once again, we will begin hearing the conspiracy theory about a supposed "war on Christmas", as often as not blaming anyone who is not of the speakers' particular spiritual path as being among the "guilty". But is their version of a so-called "war on Christmas" an actual war? Could it be something better? And if so,...

Nov 23, 2013

We've talked about labels, but what of the dangers that lay beyond labels, especially concerning groups? We have a tendency to come together, as part of our human nature. But how do we know when a group might be dangerous?

Isaac Bonewits did perhaps the most important research into this question, and he produced a...

Nov 9, 2013

How much faith do you put in a label? In the secular part of our mundane lives, we have to use labels, and there are ways to make sure that we can trust them. But what of the labels we use in dealing with our spiritual lives and the spiritual lives of others?

Does a label actually mean what people intend it, or is...

Nov 2, 2013

We call it Samhaintide because we really need more than one day! And even if you were sick in bed at Samhain, which is how I spent part of mine, you still have opportunities to get a whole lot done!

Look at the Sabbat and what it's about, and you'll see much of what I mean - and how much you can do. And if you start...