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Jan 27, 2007

How many times have we heard the story of someone going around and telling people what some big-named big-wig wants, and then finding out that the big-named bigwig had said no such thing?  And how often might that have happened regarding a deity?

For many, if not most, overcoming such mis-information (read: spiritual...

Jan 20, 2007

On your quest, you will of course encounter words.  Written and spoken.  What do we do with them.

So many are intended to guide us.  But are we hearing what was intended?  Or are we hearing what someone between us and the original author wants us to hear?

An oft-quoted saying in The Craft is "One cannot be a Witch...

Jan 13, 2007

Reading a blog sponsored by a group which represents a viewpoint I once held dear and also reading what the mainstream media have to say about non-mainstream religions, I came to a realization:  how regularly the so-called mainstream misses some of the most important points!

The current rucus going on among certain...

Jan 6, 2007

Gauthama Buddha (known to some as "the Buddha," although there have been several) taught that all we had to look forward to in this life are sickness, old age, and death.  Did he really mean that, or did he teach that as a way to spur us on to something more, something greater?

Most Christians have a teaching which is...