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Mar 28, 2009

With Ostara, we finished a significant sequence of events within the Wheel of the Year.  We begin with a death at Samhain, and see a birth at Yule.  But what was born at Yule is only an infant.  At Imbolc, what was born is beginning to have some strength.  And at Ostara, the one who was born at Yule is seen as being...

Mar 21, 2009

At Ostara, there is a story.  Ostara, Easter, Spring Equinox, whatever name you give it, there is a story that gets told.

A story you've heard before, or is it?  If you hear the story from another path, can you recognize it for what it is?  And if groups of people who probably had little idea (if any) of each others'...

Mar 14, 2009

I was listening to some music the other day, and I heard an old favorite: Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence."  I have been known to say that my definition of great writing is one which reveals new things to the reader no matter how many times you read it.  By that measurement, this is one of the greatest!


Mar 7, 2009

Barrier Busting!

We all face barriers.  There are enough of them in our mundane lives, but on out spiritual paths, they can be formidable.  And they need to be dealt with, one way or another.  Some of them were put up for you by other people (or circumstance), and others are barriers you put up for yourself.