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Dec 27, 2008

If I repeat a point, it just might be because it's an important point which folks will do well to remember and use.

One advantage we have over the more mundane folk is that while their holidays end at the stroke of midnight on the day of the holiday, each of our Sabbats can be seen as never being really over until the...

Dec 20, 2008

It's Yule! 

Yule is one of my favorite times of the year.  So many spiritual paths converge at this time of year, whether they want to or not.  Why?  Because there is something special at the root of all of the celebrations at this time of year, and it is something special that everyone needs, whether they want to...

Dec 13, 2008

From how many wells may you drink?  The simple answer would seem to be that you may drink from as many wells as are necessary in order to quench your thirst.  But what about drinking from spiritual wells in order to satisfy a spiritual thirst?

How many spiritual wells may you drink from when you are seeking to quench a...

Dec 6, 2008

A time to be selfish?  Yes!

The problem with selfishness is that most of the time when someone is talking about it, they're talking about its excess or abuse. 

The fact is that a small, healthy dose of selfishness is not only not wrong, it is healthy and necessary.  Without it, we become doormats.

It might be...