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Apr 29, 2006

What is priesthood?

Let's begin by saying what it is not.  It is not a job.  It is not something you get merely as a reward for completing a course of studies. 

Some of the best priests and priestesses have some of the least significant credentials, and some of the worst have some of the most impressive credentials, and...

Apr 22, 2006

There are tools needed on any journey, in either the physical plane or the spiritual.  Even if you are walking to the convenience store at the corner, you dress to protect you from the elements and take with you something to use for money in order to conduct business at the store. 

On a spiritual journey, there are also...

Apr 16, 2006

On your spiritual journey, there will be doorways, windows and paths which will offer themselves to you. There will also be people who will try to stand in the way of those doorways, windows and paths.

Nowhere does this happen more often than in regards to books that you might read. After all, they are the way that you...

Apr 9, 2006

Now that we've determined that you're going on a spiritual journey, what about the journey itself?  It has a beginning, it will have a final destination, but what of the journey itself?

There are some good examples of spiritual journeys, and some of those stories are well worth knowing.  But no matter how much you might...

Apr 6, 2006

A spiritual journey, like any journey, begins with the first step.  As with any other journey, how well you do the first steps might be important throughout the journey - and this is a long one! 

But what is that first step?  Is there something you need to have to really begin?  What is...