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Apr 16, 2006

On your spiritual journey, there will be doorways, windows and paths which will offer themselves to you. There will also be people who will try to stand in the way of those doorways, windows and paths.

Nowhere does this happen more often than in regards to books that you might read. After all, they are the way that you might be able to take a peek behind a doorway, look through a window, or see what a path entails.

As an example, let's explore a couple of theological bombshells that are disturbing a lot of people, beginning with one bombshell that hit the major mainstream media in the last few weeks.

There's more here than exploring the contents of some writings that cause a fuss. There's also what to look for and why, both in the positive and negative. If it is necessary to "separate the wheat from the chaff," it's best to be able to do it yourself rather than someone else doing it for you. It's part of finding your own answers to your questions.