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Feb 23, 2008

I keep hearing about change all the time, beginning with at the commuter station where I take the train home from work - there's always someone there asking for "change."  But in the US, this is a presidential election year, and this time especially we're hearing candidates talking about "change".

It's not that it's...

Feb 16, 2008

For this podcast's 100th show, I wish to make a "modest proposal" in quiet seriousness.  I would like to propose February 20th as Tempest Smith Day.

How many of our traditions, rituals, holidays and even deities have the Christians borrowed from us?  Therefore, I consider it fair exchange if we borrow something from...

Feb 9, 2008

A point which so many miss.  And such a basic point.  And do you know what happens to those who don't get it?

Quite often, those people spend their entire spiritual lives accomplishing little more than repeating the slogans someone taught them.  And sometimes they were taught by someone who was only able to repeat the...

Feb 2, 2008

Hey, it's Imbolc!

One of the more overlooked  Sabbats of the year.  Well, there's a secret to Imbolc, and it's a secret that perhaps some people don't want you to recognize and appreciate. 

The people who do appreciate Imbolc are those who appreciate the land and nature, and pay attention to it.  It's...