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Feb 2, 2008

Hey, it's Imbolc!

One of the more overlooked  Sabbats of the year.  Well, there's a secret to Imbolc, and it's a secret that perhaps some people don't want you to recognize and appreciate. 

The people who do appreciate Imbolc are those who appreciate the land and nature, and pay attention to it.  It's especially appreciated in places where winter is strong enough that spring and summer are appreciated all the more.  It's the middle of the dark time, and it's the time for blessing seeds and consecrating agricultural tools. 

And in that, you can see Imbolc's secret - and power.  Imbolc is the time when we are shown that the promise made will be fulfilled.  There's no quibbling over the Divine's will.  There's also no discussion about the Divine's time - we know the schedule.  And it will be.

There's a word which so many Christians use without much understanding.  Almost like a theological "over and out", to use past decades' two-way radio lingo to describe it.  What does "Amen" actually mean?  The same thing as a phrase so common among those of us who are Wiccans!

And there is the secret of Imbolc.  Find it, and enjoy it!  It has been waiting for you!