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Sep 30, 2006

How many gods are there?  That's a tricky question, almost as bad as that old one of "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?".  And the answer can seem elusive. 

So how many gods are there?  Some will say many goddesses and gods.  Some will say many, but leading back to one.  And, of course, there are others...

Sep 23, 2006

The One True Enemy!

There are some armchair philosophers who will claim that there is no such thing as a "one true" of anything.  But there is one "one true".  It's the enemy. 

Look beneath the surface of any of history's long list of humankind's inhumanity to their fellow humans, you will find supposed root causes too...

Sep 14, 2006

Of all of the rites one might conduct in the public eye, there is one which is the real test of priesthood.  Other than pre-printed rites that someone might recite, there is little written about how to deal with the rite and the situations which make it needed.  And yet, it is the one rite which every human being will...

Sep 9, 2006

Marketing, you ask?  We're talking religion and spirituality, aren't we?  Yes!  And we're talking about making all of our ministries as effective as possible!

Priesthood is something that you have.  Such things as ordination and lineage mean that someone has agreed with that to the point that they are willing to put...

Sep 2, 2006

For all this time, we've talked about principles, practices, and the general field of applied theology and practical spirituality in today's world.  Due to circumstances which should never have been allowed to be, there is a situation which is begging for these principles to be applied.

When a member of the US armed...