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Sep 30, 2006

How many gods are there?  That's a tricky question, almost as bad as that old one of "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?".  And the answer can seem elusive. 

So how many gods are there?  Some will say many goddesses and gods.  Some will say many, but leading back to one.  And, of course, there are others who will claim that there is only one, and has never been more or less than one.

But if we look at what the monotheists are teaching, why is it that different groups seem to have the same "one god", but with a completely different personality.  While one has a god whose current activity seems to be little more than watching and keeping score, another one's god is actually able to do things and open doors.  And yet another has a god whose "will" can seem downright arbitrary and capricious, if not outright erratic.

Add to that, some of the so-called monotheists appear to have a second god.  At any rate, some of them give so much power and attention to their "devil" that an outsider might wonder whom they actually worship.

Assuming that the monotheists' god is not schizophrenic or suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, is there an explanation which would make all of these viewpoints more rational?

Let's take it one step further.  If we look to the other spiritual paths, the ones which might have more than one god or goddess, and perhaps those which don't even address the issue of gods per se, will there be something which they offer which might reconcile them, and also reconcile them to the monotheists?

And if there is an answer there, what can we do with it?

There is an answer.  The application of that answer takes this topic from being something that might be explored in a late-night debate in a seminary basement to something that can be downright exciting!  Not only that, but it puts much of past history and current events into a perspective worth examining!

This is just possible one of the more powerful secrets that have been hiding in plain sight, waiting for us to discover.