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Oct 28, 2006

Samhain is a most special sabbat, but it's possible to make it even more special.  How?  By using some basic principles that can apply to any sabbat or, for that matter, any day of special observance.

That's a point that a lot of folks miss, especially those who follow the so-called "mainstream religions" .  They...

Oct 21, 2006

As of today, Samhain is only ten days away.  It is known by several names, and in some cultures the date maight differ, but the root is the same, and the roots are as old as humanity's realization of the spiritual.

We can speak of various rites, customs, and celebrations, but so many have done that.  Instead, let's take...

Oct 14, 2006

Here's some ammunition, but not in the mundane sense.  Rather, the kind of factual ammunition that you might find handy when faced with the inevitable debate with someone who wants to "save" you, and bring you to a "right" path.

There's no legitimate "winning" or "losing" in such a debate.  The only outcome worth having...

Oct 7, 2006

Some people get really upset about books, and this one has been a bother to the so-called mainstream Christians for centuries!  In fact, it might even be said that one of the more accepted gospels, the Gospel of John, has much of its content dedicated to countering this book.

This controversial book is short and to the...