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Sep 23, 2006

The One True Enemy!

There are some armchair philosophers who will claim that there is no such thing as a "one true" of anything.  But there is one "one true".  It's the enemy. 

Look beneath the surface of any of history's long list of humankind's inhumanity to their fellow humans, you will find supposed root causes too numerous to list.  Yet at the root of the roots, you will find one common thread connecting them all, and that is the One True Enemy.

As often as not, it is the first thing that starts problems between people, and it continues to encourage the festering until there's some sort of an eruption.  And that is what makes it The One True Enemy.  It's something that you and I face every day of our lives.

It might even be said that if The One True Enemy can be finally defeated, most of our other problems would probably go away by themselves.

And what is the One True Enemy?  That is one of the Secrets In Plain Sight, waiting to be seen for what it is!