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Dec 6, 2008

A time to be selfish?  Yes!

The problem with selfishness is that most of the time when someone is talking about it, they're talking about its excess or abuse. 

The fact is that a small, healthy dose of selfishness is not only not wrong, it is healthy and necessary.  Without it, we become doormats.

It might be unreasonable to expect folks to make a big deal of every little thing you might do for someone, it is extremely reasonable that you should at least expect that a reasonable effort not be insulted or snubbed.

We have become what we are  because we help each other.  We each also have our own boundaries.  We need to know where the line is.  We need to know what we're going to do if someone steps over that line.

You've heard me speak of the need for balance before, and none quite so much as here. 

While we reach our potential by helping others, we must also look out for ourselves.  And in this episode we explore that.

And armed with this, we can explore even more.

Blessed Be!

over fourteen years ago

I had to laugh when I heard this one. A few years ago I walked into my Pastor office and he looked at me. Then said, \"Look I want to say \'you need to learn to be Selfish for yourself sometimes or you will turn away from serving God.\' Lillian there is a difference between loving and caring for people but can not be a doormat either.\" You Aiden and I am thinking my Master for placing you in my life these last few weeks. I download all of your podcast and listening one at time. I will leave you more comments as I listen to them through the next few days.......

your servant in love,