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Mar 14, 2009

I was listening to some music the other day, and I heard an old favorite: Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence."  I have been known to say that my definition of great writing is one which reveals new things to the reader no matter how many times you read it.  By that measurement, this is one of the greatest!

There is a story in the words to that song, and the story brings with it some powerful verbal imagery.  And it leads us to one of the truths which we all need to confront.

What I see revealed here is a basic truth about ourselves and our nature.  And as a result, it seems the obvious conclusion is that there is one thing which none of us will ever do.  Not a one of us is capable of doing it. 

The irony is that there are many people whose own belief system is such that they are sentenced to living their lives in denial of this truth, but it is there nevertheless.  And by what I say that they cannot do, it implies that there is something that they are doing, because what they cannot do is to avoid doing it.  They might do it on a different basis, but they do nevertheless.

A puzzle?  Not if you know what it is that we cannot do. 

And because we cannot do that one thing, there is something else which takes on even greater importance as a result.  And it is something which you probably are doing.

And it's what makes things exciting.  And it begins with knowing what it is that you will never do.

Blessed Be!