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Jan 27, 2007

How many times have we heard the story of someone going around and telling people what some big-named big-wig wants, and then finding out that the big-named bigwig had said no such thing?  And how often might that have happened regarding a deity?

For many, if not most, overcoming such mis-information (read: spiritual garbage) is one of the most important tasks on a spiritual quest. 

Whether we're talking about a TV preacher, a college campus "guru", the nun who used to stand over your head with a ruler in her first, or the lady in church who devoted her life to minding other people's business, their interpretations of the Divine are not what a spiritual quest is about.

A spiritual quest is about your own relationship with the Divine!  Some folks miss that point.  Some other folks are afraid of that point.  After all, if you actually know the Divine, that might contadict their pre-conceived notions which they are pitching to you, right?

And so, how to overcome that and actually know the divine?

And what will there be when you do?

And why have we let so many people stand in our way?