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Jan 20, 2007

On your quest, you will of course encounter words.  Written and spoken.  What do we do with them.

So many are intended to guide us.  But are we hearing what was intended?  Or are we hearing what someone between us and the original author wants us to hear?

An oft-quoted saying in The Craft is "One cannot be a Witch alone."  But, let's have a definition of "alone".  Does "alone mean not having membership in some group (or particular group), or does "alone" in this case mean being stuck so far into the broomcloset that even close friends of like mind don't know who you are?

When translation from one language to another is added, then the situation really gets muddy.  An oft-quoted verse in the Christian Bible (particularly the King James Version) has been the pretext for violence and even killings in the English-speaking world.  But is what King James said that it meant what the original writer meant?

This is one of the challenges of a spiritual quest, and one which must be met.  And once it is met, there are secrets waiting to reveal themselves. 

Jeffery Humphrey
seventeen and a half years ago

I love your voice on this podcast, you resemble Paul Harvy for the Pagan comunity