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Apr 2, 2011

If there is anything that gives us an advantage, it would be the fact that when we say that The Divine is infinite, we have some idea of what that might mean.  Others are not so fortunate.  Some people insist on trying to confine infinity to what they know, like, and fits in their "comfort zone".  You've met them, the ones whose definition of The Divine begins and ends with the god whom they worship in their own church.  And, there are others who use the infinite nature of The Divine as a pretext to take their own spiritual path into a direction where it doesn't belong.  These include everything from revisionist theology which tries to make religion conform to the latest fad to the ones who misuse some of our most valued customs and traditions.  

Somewhere between those who won't look past their narrow comfort zone and those who try to re-define their spiritual path to the latest fad, we'll find ourselves.  We've figured out that there's more to know than we'll learn and experience in this lifetime, and that's an advantage.  We've come to grips with the idea that there's more to know and experience and the fact that none of us will know and experience it all in this kifetime.                                                     

We have an opportunity to grow, and we can see where we will grow!  The folks who think that all they know is all that there is do not have this advantage!  And applying it, there is even more!

And you'll see your path.


Blessed Be!