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Apr 28, 2012

In the various quests that I have pursued in my life, there were those people who raised objections, either because they wanted to avoid it in their own path, or (in the case of one parent an a long-former significant other) they didn't want me pursuing it.  The objection on some of the professional paths and even the ritual part of my spiritual path was that it was too complicated and technical.  In the case of my spiritual path, the objection is that there are so many contradictions, especially in whatever revered (or merely respected) writings there might be - whether arguing over contradictions in the Christians' Bible, or the merits of Silver Ravenwolf versus Ray Buckland versus D.J. Conway, the Buddhists' Hinayana versus Mahayana Sutras, or whatever.  The former about something being "complicated and technical" can be answered well enough once someone sees the meaning, need and pattern of what's going on.  In the case of the latter, it's a case of seeing enough to see where the contradiction stops.  Of course, there are some folks who want contradiction and conflict because of their own agenda or so that they can avoid going any further.  Sort of like the person whose talk of "something too complicated and technical" allows them to avoid even a microwave oven.

But we're (hopefully) not those kind of people.  And with a little effort, we can transcend the level of contradiction and see where the contradiction ends because of the missing piece to the puzzle which you've discovered! 

Let's see how we can make it be!

Blessed Be!