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Apr 7, 2012

This is a time of year when many spiritual paths are having celebrations which celebrate fulfillment in one way or another, especially fulfillment of promises made by The Divine.  And, what more appropriate time to speak of those who can help you (and I mean you, individually and personally) find such fulfillment.

I hesitate sometimes to call them "saints" because so many times people think of them in nterms of statues in a church, or small figures or pictures in a place where an old lady lives.  Not so!  Likewise, put away any thoughts that the only saints are those officially recognized by certain big churches, because that isn't the case, either.  In fact, the Christian churches have All Saints Day as their acknowledgement that they've missed some who have the honor.  And also, saints are not limited to people who once walked among us on this earth.  There's more, and I see there being more in more than one way.  You'll see!

And who says Wiccans can't have saints?  OK, there can be other titles for them, but the function is the same.  And the fact is that we do have people who cross into the Summerland and why might some of them not want to reach back our way and help - especially those they care about for any particular reason?

And what can they do for you?  Quite a lot, and in a very personal sort of way.  You see, they can be very personal and who yours are is nobody else's business.

Blessed Be!