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Apr 19, 2008

When an exceptionally special friend crosses the veil into the arms of the goddess who had watched over him for so many years, I need to pause and make note of it.  And when it is someone as special as this friend was (and still is), then I would be remiss if I did not share some memories of him with you.

If you visit the Temple of Gaia web site, you'll see pictures of him.  And now, there is a memorial for him in the Memorial Garden of the virtual chapel I maintain at "Aidan's Place On The Web".  You can find that memorial page at

He was a very special friend from the day I met him eight years ago, and Lady Stormy had known him for ten years before then.

He was the living embodiment of so many of the principles that folks like you and I keep talking about.  We talk about them and try, but he lived them.  He understood how what is put out comes back.  And I think he was part of the inspiration to that saying that I came up with "If everyone did for one, most of the work would already be done."
Lord Pan was a cat, and he was the kind of cat who showed why in our hearts there cannot be any such thing as "just a cat".  He's with Bast now, probably telling her about this place. 

To those who showed him love, he gave abundantly.  I would not dare to count all that he did for me.  And some is simply between him and me and will remain that way.  He knows what I mean.

You know Yuengling, whose bark greets you at the start of each show.  Among his other accomplishments, Lord Pan could be well-described as Yuengling's "foster-dad."  And Yuengling wasn't the only four-footed "child" he fostered.

I'll be back to the regular schedule next week, but please join with me in saying thanks to this special friend for all that he did for so many.

Blessed Be!

over sixteen years ago

My thoughts are with you and your\'s Aidan. We are blessed by our furry friends.

May your pain be short and the loving memories of Lord Pan be long.

Blessings on you, my friend.