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Aug 13, 2016

One of the most hilarious happenings in life comes when you discover that two people who are arguing passionately against each other are actually for the same thing.  They simply don't want to admit it!  Not only does it happen in schoolyards, it also happens when religion is being debated!

Looking at a variety of scriptures and revered writings, I am amazed at how similar so many stories are.  How many gods had sons who died from treachery?  How many of those sons will return during the end times?  And nothing is more interesting than comparing flood/ark stories.  Can you actually picture penguins from Antarctica and kangaroos from Australia walking all the way to wherever Noah had his ark?  And then they would have to walk back home afterward?  More credible would be the idea that they would have been saved from a more local flood by a more local hero.

But it also gives us cause to wonder if perhaps there is good reason to respect other mythologies and lore.  Especially if they might actually interface with our own!
Blessed Be!