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Aug 27, 2016

Once you have a relationship going with your deity or deities, certain people will want to "help" you.  Some might be offering genuine help, but you need to beware of the others.  There will be those who do not have what you have already gained, and envy and jealousy has taken over them.  And they will want to "set you right".  Some of them have not even tried.  As you walk through a door, they haven't even tried the knob!

There are also those who will not agree with what you are doing because it does not precisely match their own path, it does not match with the words of their favorite TV preacher, or they simply don't know any better.  One particular movement in parts of one particular path is evidence of people acting out of ignorance, or having an agenda.

If you wonder why some of us harp so much on the basics, this is why!  You need to be grounded in the basics so that you don't get mis-guided.
Blessed Be!