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Aug 29, 2009

Almost every episode has touched on this issue, but this time we're dealing with it by looking it in the eye.

Some of you wonder how spiritual things happen, even if they happen for you every minute of the day.  And some of you simply wonder if they can actually happen.

Some of us have known the frustration of Sunday School.  Whether it was those pseudo-kids in the Sunday School filmstrips or the stories of saints which Sister Whoever would tell, you'd wonder how they rated such neat things happening and you didn't. 

Later on, even on a path which your parents never heard of, you still can find yourself asking.  Especially after encountering a High Priestess or High Priest whose rituals crackle with energy and whose spells always seem to work.  Or simply the person who seems to see and feel so much more than you. 

How do they do it?  It's as if a big door opened for them, and you wish that you could open it for you.

You can.  It's waiting for you.  Not only that, you have the key.

The trick is to find it, and then turn it so that the door opens for you.

Let's see just how much we can do!

Blessed Be!