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Dec 12, 2015

There is an epidemic in this country.  It is an epidemic of a disease that has brought down nations before, and has brought disaster to many more.  This is not the first time that this disease hadinfested the United States.  We need to stop it!

The disease spreads among people, leaving plants and animals innocently non-involved.  Parents can easily pass the disease to their children.  Worse yet, the disease can spread among children in places like schools, with the result being that a child can be seriously infected before a parent even notices.  And, of course, adults have ample opportunity to catch the disease.

The disease can often cause fortunes to be consumed in meeting the demands that the disease brings on, and more than one war has been lost by a country where this disease is especially rampant.

Can you tell that the disease is none other than hate?  Explore further, and see how we might fight it and win!

Blessed Be!