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Dec 7, 2019

Where religion or spirituality is concerned, the first thing it needs to do is WORK. People who don't see it working quit trying – either they go through the motions to be socially acceptable, or they simply quit.. The problem is , so many of those who try to tell us of how The Divine (by whatever name) is active in our lives tend to speak of what one author called “fingerprints of God”, which calls to attention what The Divine has set into motion. What you and I need is to be able to see The Divine as not only caring about us, but also able to see our situations and respond.


Two things to look for are what is already in front of you, and what you can cause to be. Look at what The Divine might have been doing for you which you might have though to be “coincidence”. But then, see what you might be able to cause to be. There are a few things to understand, if it can in fact be!


Blessed Be!