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Dec 22, 2007

Let's not just celebrate Yule, let's celebrate Yuletide!  And why should we just celebrate it when we can be part of it!

We've talked before about visualization, and seeing things with the mind's eye.  At Samhain, you joined with me in the celebration with so many others all over the world.  And now, here's a full-fledged Yule celebration to join in, complete with a potluck feast to enjoy after the ritual!

All of this ties into why Yule is such a natural consequence of Samhain, and here we see how we can harness the power of the birth at Yule.

What is born here?  What will it become?  We can have some input into that if we want to, and yes we do want to.  And on the way, we'll discover yet another of the secrets that has been hiding in plain sight for us to find.

Blessed Be, and a happy Yuletide to each and every one of you!