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Jun 3, 2006

"The DaVinci Code" has caused a ruckus.  Even more so than Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of Christ", or even "The Last Temptation Of Christ".  Why?

Might it be, as Shakespeare might have said, "someone doth protest too much"?  And if so, why?  What's in "The DaVinci Code" that would cause such controversy?  And there are other writings.

The Gospel Of Judas caused controversy since its existence became known, and the Dead Sea Scrolls have been available to ordinary folks for only a relatively short time, in spite of their having been "studied" since their discovery in 1948!

And this has led some mainstream Christians to suddenly be up-in-arms about the whole of Gnostic scripture.  Once upon a time, Gnosticism seemed only to be a long-forgotten sect that would be briefly mentioned in college and seminary classes about early Christianity, and now it seems much more than that.  And suddenly, it is possible to buy quite a lot of very good Gnostic writing at almost any decent bookstore.  Why?

What are the differences between the more orthodox Christianity and that of the Gnostics.  Did Yeshua Bar-Joseph have something else in mind instead of what came down to us as Christianity?  There's an excellent book available which provides some powerful insight into this.

And why would such objections be raised?  No answers, but some places where those with questions can ask.  And the principles used here can be used on any spiritual path to find the answers you seek.