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Jun 10, 2006

Dangers of divine inspiration?  Yes, no kidding.

Remember that commercial for a brand of audio tape? "Is it real, or is it Memorex?" as the glass broke. 

We listen for inspiration and guidance from the spark of the Divine within each of us. 

But what of the TV evangelist who claims that his god tells him that in retribution of our "errant ways", there will be hurricanes this year - in hurricane season, of course.  Or the leader of an isolated church who is becoming nationally infamous for the way he and his followers are preaching what their god hates?  Or the one who tells someone that a tragedy is their god's (or godess') will?  Are such people listening to the Divine, or are they listening to their own ego?  Or are we speaking of a situation in which perhaps a doctor might help?

But there are times when the Divine has spoken and things have happened.  People have indeed been healed of cancer and other diseases that doctors had pronounced untreatable.  There have been those who found their special niche in life because they listened.  What's the difference?

Knowing the difference, and knowing how to escape the pitfalls, will make a difference.