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Mar 31, 2007

What happens to people who have lived their life as one of our fellow mortals sufficiently well enough?  They become Ascended Masters!

What is an Ascended Master?  The same as what certain other spiritual paths refer to as a saint.  The difference is that the concept of Ascended Master is more omnidenominational. 

But, I can already see some folks beginning to wince.  And the expression might be similar to: "Ewwwwwwww....that's the stuff Mrs. Whatzit bored us with in Sunday School."  Not exactly.  Did you ever notice that the saints Mrs. Whatzit presented seemed too perfect to have been real people?  Sort of like the story of George Washington tossing a silver dollar across a certain river?  Or the kids in the Sunday School filmstrips?  And did you ever notice how some of the pictures and statues (especially the "gift shop" variety) make them look like wusses?

The fact is that they all had their beginnings as real people.  Gauthama Buddha, St Francis, and Mahatma Gandhi began as "poor little rich kids" enjoying privilege at a time when there wasn't much privilege to go around.  Some of the others include those who spent time as party-animals, atheists, criminals, and at least one unwed mother.  And after they started seeking their potential, not all of them saw poverty as necessary.  In fact, some of them "lived the good life" their whole life.

What they have in common is that the Ascended Masters were just as human as you and I, and they realized their potential.