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May 19, 2007

Forgiveness.  If you went to a Christian Sunday school, the teacher probably said much about forgiveness.  Sometimes, the lesson on forgiveness sounded like I was supposed to become everyone's doormat - and that I was supposed to forgive no matter what.

I had a couple of opportunities to visit this subject in the last few days.  One came from someone I had not heard from in many years.  This person offered an apology for a hurt that I had received (and it still ached after all this time).  Given the circumstances, I was able to learn just how good it can feel to forgive and have an old hurt go away. 

And then there was another.  I had just gotten done telling a friend that now that we're offering rituals via podcast, Temple of Gaia now offers everything Jerry Falwell does except the hatred and bigotry.  And then I see the news that Jerry Falwell died.  Do I forgive that man, the one who claimed that Pagans, gays and liberals were to blame for 9/11? 



News:  Three bulletins concerning our victory in the Veteran Pentacle Quest, and how the victory is manifesting itself.  Celebrations are being arranged and scheduled.


Coming Soon: Next Week is Memorial Day Weekend.  Expect something special.