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Feb 18, 2017

Why not?  Wiccans and Pagan have no problem with any number of gods and goddesses, and it is apparent that Yahweh does not mind.  He does want "top billing" from those who followed Moses out of Egypt and their descendants, but are you one of them?  And the tenth chapter of Acts gives some further exemptions!  And I am not about to abandon Allfather Odin!

The fact that certain early church missionaries followed by others demanded abandonment of other deities does not make it right!  And, there were other Christian traditions, rooted in places like Glastonbury and Alexandria which were different from the Roman.  Some say they "disappeared", but did they?

Before he ascended, Jesus told his followers that he still had many things to tell them, "but ye cannot bear them now" "John 16:12).  What happened to them?  Since the Bible was closed to any additions, where are those things he wanted to tell us?  Many of the people who think they follow Jesus are following several strange routes, but for the rest of us, there is a quest with eternal rewards!
Blessed Be!