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Feb 21, 2020

So often, I hear people complain that there are so many primer-level books in The Craft, but so few advanced-level books. There are answers to that. I can think of several people I consider to be highly advanced and people I would see for instruction and advice. Ask any of them what they are up to, and they will talk about what they are learning. And when they begin to learn something new, that learning begins with a review of the basics that they've heard ever-so-many times before.

In many fields, you will here of incidents in which someone with enough experience and certificates to be considered a teacher makes an error with some really nasty results, and to most folks that error seems like a tiny thing. But as one teacher of mine said, “The bigger the problem, the smaller the cause”.For this and many other reasons, it behooves us to occasionally step back and review the basics. And sometimes, there might be new learning in the old stuff.

Blessed Be!